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Story by Jack Foley


Game On Family Workshops - August 3 - 6
11am - 1pm & 2pm - 4pm - Children aged 5 - 11 and their families Tickets £3 (everyone needs a ticket)

Come and be a games designer
Invent your own story, design your own characters and create your own sound effects in this fast paced interactive workshop. Every game starts as an idea in someone’s head. Did you know that Toru Iwantani got the idea for the character Pac-Man after taking a bite from a pizza? So just bring along your ideas and imagination and have a go at designing a new concept for a game with our team of professional artists. Who knows you could be the games designer of the future.


GAMEBOY and video game junkies, Lara Croft fans, or XBOX afficionados will no doubt be putting down their handsets, casting their joysticks aside, and rushing along to The Barbican over the coming months, as the prestigious venue plays host to Game On: The History And Culture of Videogames, from Thursday, May 16 to September 15, 2002.

Beginning with the first arcade game, Space War!, designed in 1962, and taking in everything since (from Star Wars to Lara, via Pacman and co), the exhibition promises to take in everything from design and marketing to the differences between the global markets, violence on screen and the subsequent classification of games, as well as Hollywood's current fascination for turning games into films.

Game On is described as the biggest exhibition on games ever organised outside stuffy trade events. Basically, it is a show for everyone who loves games - or wants to learn a little more about them.

Highlights include a screening room that will show TV documentaries, films and pop promos influenced by the industry as well as commissioned digital artworks which will highlight the artworld crossover.

The exhibition will trace the 40 year history of computer games as well as illustrating how some of the favourite games on the market are made. It will represent the culture that has grown up internationally around games and the people who dream up, make and play them, as well as giving visitors the chance to play the best games from around the world.

Game On is developed by Barbican Art in conjunction with the National Museums of Scotland. It will no doubt be a great refuge for kids during the summer holiday months, as well as adults (who haven't grown up!). Better, yet, it won’t cost a fortune, with discounted family and student tickets.

Game On: The History And Culture Of Videogames, from Thur 16 May, Barbican, Silk Street, EC2. To find out more, click on the link above, telephone 020 7638 8891, or keep hitting these pages (there will be regular updates of gaming events).