A bold and beautiful new exhibition

Story by Jack Foley

THE talents of some of the best young artists working in London will be on show at a new exhibition entitled The Bold and the Beautiful which opens at The Pavilions in Mile End Park on Thursday, May 9 (until May 31).

The event is about why London is so good and why artists from around the world flock to the capital. According to the website of the exhibition organisers, 'London is a city of migrants whose centre is not Soho or Oxford Street. Tourists ask: Where should I go? How do I meet a real Londoner? Because London is defined by its people and cultures, not its geography, there are no answers'.

The Bold & The Beautiful is therefore designed to showcase some of the best young artists in London and celebrates its incredible diversity and energy. The Bold & The Beautiful is a picture of London in 2002.

The show is curated by Jasper Joffe and Akiko Usami. Click here for more details...

Where to find it...

The Bold & The Beautiful will take place in The Pavilions in Mile End Park, 10,000 square feet of exhibition space in two domes, 5 minutes from Mile End Tube.

The domes were built recently as part of the regeneration of Mile End Park, a project which has transformed it into one of the best public spaces in London. Resembling buried slices of New York’s Guggenheim in a London park, these domes are boldly optimistic in their potential. The Pavilions are a great example of London’s hidden beauty. Click here for more pictures of this exciting space.

Who's there?

Artists at the event include Markus Vater, who will exhibit an enormous pencil drawing on canvas of a girl sitting under a tree; Marte Marce, who will show new paintings combining process, freedom, and beauty; Lothar Gotz, who will paint a 5m metre wall painting stretching from the floor to the domed ceiling; and Ian Kiaer who will show two models: one of a window looking onto the lake, and another of a Corbusier building.

Daryll Joffe, the mother of Chantal Joffe and curator Jasper Joffe, will also be exhibiting her work, which means that this is the first time all three of them have exhibited together.

An example of Chantal Joffe's work, entitled Untitled 2001, is pictured above.

More about the Joffe's...

Born in St Albans in 1969, Chantal Joffe lives and works in London and has produced solo exhibitions across the world, including 2000 the Jan Victoria Miro Gallery, London (2000), the Sept Feigen Contemporary, New York (1999), the Mar Galleria Marabini, Bologna ('99) and the Mar Il Capricorno, Venice (also '99).

She completed a Foundation Course at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in 1987-88, and has a BA (Hons) Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art, as well as a Paris Studio Award from the Royal College of Art ('93) and, most recently, an Abbey Scholarship from the British School at Rome (1998-99).

Catalogues include Dick Price, ('The New Neurotic Realism'), The Saatchi Gallery, London, (1998) and Christopher Frayling ('The Royal College of Art Collection'), A selection of paintings and & Paul Huxley drawings, Artwise, London, 1998.

Daryll Joffe's collection is comprised of small paintings of strangers and family. She watercolours all the absurdity of what people look like and The Bold and the Beautiful is her first major show.

Jasper Joffe paints huge, funny, colourful paintings and his pictures show revolutions and their hopefulness. He has been known to paint 24 paintings in 24 hours.

Born in 1975, Jasper lives and works in London, and was educated at the School of Art, Oxford, as well as the Royal College of Art in London, where he received an MA in Painting.

Solo shows having include the Centre of Attention London, Laura Pecci, Milan, and Chisenhale Gallery London.