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CAKE to Delight fans with exotic pleasures

Preview: Jack Foley

HAVING enthralled their fans with the Anonymous night earlier this year (pictured above), CAKE London will be inviting women to discover the exotic pleasure and spice of CAKE at the Delight night, on Wednesday, June 11, from 8pm to 2am.

Taking place at Sahara Nights, at 257 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, the night promises to offer guests the chance to shake their stuff, learn how to belly dance and party ‘til dawn surrounded by sugar and spice, shimmering silks and the special blend of exotic CAKE entertainment.

Treats in store include exotic performers, sexy boy/girl CAKE lap and belly dancers, invigorating female DJs (the Hey Pussy Collective), love your body-painting, and indulgent goodies and special CAKE giveaways.

The dress code is simple - silks, satins, jewels, glitter and sparkle, funky belts, turbans, robes and lingerie for the women, while men (and yes, they're invited this time, albeit with a companion) should get 'decked', inspired, and prepared to present themselves as sexual beings for women's enjoyment.

According to the CAKE invitation: "We are placing the onus of responsibility on YOU to turn us on in a space where women are in charge and free to let their sexy-ness flow."

The rules are simple; anyone interested in attending must RSVP to attend on
and all men must be accompanied by at least one female guest – no exceptions!

The evening is FREE to women with the CAKE.CARD, £10 for women (non-members), and £15 for men.

IndieLondon will, no doubt, be delivering its verdict after the party has ended!!!

About CAKE:

CLUB.CAKE events are based in NYC and London and are dedicated to promoting female sexual culture by providing a radically different clubbing format that is female-focused. CAKE creates a space where women (and their male partners) can express and experience sexy themed entertainment in a fun and safe environment.

CAKE levels the playing field, as men are only permitted entry if accompanied by a woman, thereby creating a space where women are in charge. It is time to break down taboos by demystifying 21st Century women’s sexual culture in the UK and bringing it into the open by breaking the traditional barriers of female sexuality.

The creation of CLUB.CAKE is in constant evolution, one that is influenced by the reactions of thousands of CAKE members - and we are listening. There is no guide, no right, no wrong - and in the end it is all about 'making it happen'.

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