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Anonymity the key to another slice of CAKE sex-cess

Review: Jack Foley

FOLLOWING a show-stopping launch event last November, CAKE London returned on Wednesday, March 5, 2003 with 'Anonymous', a masquerade party, which offered members a night of mystery and intrigue in which temperatures soared.

Guests were invited to let anonymity bring their fantasies alive, and to indulge and revel in a sinfully, sexy, anonymous, atmosphere with their 'eyes wide shut'.

The sexiest crowd London has seen in a long time, turned up to The Embassy Club in Mayfair, dressed to kill in an amazing array of beautiful masks and costumes.

Enforcing a strict door policy, permitting male entry only where accompanied by a female guest, the event provided an environment in which women were the ones making the rules, pushing the boundaries, and enjoying sexual entertainment designed especially for them.

State-of-the-art sex toys were opulently displayed for exploration and play, with 'vibrator waitresses' on hand to give advice.

CAKE, a 'women-only' members club, has been brought to London by Emma Jeynes. Tackling issues related to female sexuality, the CLUB.CAKE events are designed to create female-focused spaces where members and their guests can experience, examine and explore sexy themed entertainment.

"We were astounded by the response to this event, once again having to turn people who had not pre-registered on the website, away at the door," explained Ms Jeynes. "The idea for 'Anonymous' came directly from CAKE member requests.

"The website and its 'Pleasure Club' provide a unique on-line forum for disussion about a huge range of issues affecting women, including the need for sexy female-focused parties.

"Our 'Anonymous' event focused on the mystery and intrigue of a masquerade party. Wearing a mask gives women the opportunity to express themselves in a different way, take on new roles and even be a different person for the night. This can be an important aspect of female sexual fantasy."

Emma continued: "We are continually striving to create events that are totally unique - something new and different, especially for women. By putting women in control, they become empowered to make the rules and push the boundaries of female sexuality, merging sex and lifestyle to create a new female sexual culture."

Women wanting to know more, should visit the Cake website using the links on this page. Men, on the other hand, should simply find themselves a woman who is intrigued by the possibilities.

Keep hitting these pages for further details of future Cake events.

About CAKE

CAKE is an entertainment company dedicated to providing information, products, and services that enhance women's development and sexual culture. Committed to examining and demystifying the politics of female sexuality, CAKE is an active forum for sexual exploration, education and discovery. CLUB.CAKE events provide a safe, informative, and enjoyable context for women's sexual expression. For more information on CAKE, visit the website.

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