Now pay attention, 007 fans!

Story by Heather Metherell

IF YOU like your cocktails shaken, and not stirred, then you'll love the new James Bond exhibition at the Science Museum. It boasts the largest collection of memorabilia from 40 years of Bond films, along with the chance to test your skills of espionage as you become an honorary member of MI6, and get a taste of life as the world's favourite spy.

The exhibition is set around a series of themed rooms, allowing the visitor to 'step into' the films. On arrival, you are presented with an 'Agent Card', which allows access to interactive terminals placed throughout the exhibition, that test your knowledge of all things 007, and inform you about the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Before registering and choosing the difficulty level of your mission, a blast of Shirley Bassey gets you in the mood for a wonderful collection of original artwork from the title sequences of the films. Then the fun really starts, with a trip to M's office for your briefing, where you can view the original Top Secret file from 'Thunderball'.

Perhaps the most exciting, and, no doubt, the most popular part of the exhibition, however, will be Q's workshop, in the technical section.

Here we are treated to a rare glimpse of the workings behind Q's ingenious gadgets, from technical drawings to models and props used in the film, such as the famous crocodile submarine from 'Octopussy' and the Lotus Esprit submarine model, from 'The spy Who Loved Me'.

Naturally, wherever James goes, beautiful women are bound to follow, and fans of Bond's many female conquests won't be disappointed by the module dedicated to those mysterious, sexy, women. It features clips and artwork from the film, as well as costumes from 'The World is Not Enough' and 'Live and Let Die'.

The Science Museum, in association with Eon Productions, has brought together some exceptional pieces of memorabilia, from Rosa Klebb's flick-knife shoe, to OddJob's bowler hat and Scaramanga's golden gun.

The design is terrific and children and adults, alike, will delight in the fantastic interactive sections of the exhibition, from the database terminals, to the opportunity to create your own action sequence, as you hang off the Golden Gate Bridge. Following the tradition of all great Bond classics, there's even a grand, nail-biting finale, but I won't give the ending away!

For those of you who catch the James Bond bug, your MI6 'Agent Card' allows you to keep on spying in the 'Agent Area' of the exhibition website.

The exhibition will run from October 16 2002 to April 27 2003, before going on a world tour. Tickets cost £8.95 for adults and £6.95 for children/concessions. For more information call: 0870 8704868.

The Science Museum, London, SW7 2DD. Information line: 0870 870 4868

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