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Kew Gardens Orchid Festival

Preview: Jack Foley

KEW Gardens will be presenting its popular annual Orchid Festival from February 5 to March 6 - and enthusiasts are urged not to miss out.

The 11th Annual Festival will feature more than 250,000 orchids of all shapes and colours adorning the steamy Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Various new designs have been created by Kew’s own talented horticultural team using orchids from Kew's orchid collection, as well as thousands flown in from places as far away as Singapore, will also provide a visual treat for all orchid enthusiasts.

The organisers promise that this year’s festival will demonstrate orchids’ magical allure and their effect on people from diverse walks of life and professions.

It will also highlight seven people who share one thing: a passion for orchids. And they provide a varied series of insights into the world of orchids, touching on their glamour, vulnerability, historical status, and sheer aesthetic appeal.

The centre of the festival is the Princess of Wales Conservatory, where orchid lovers, including a Fashion Designer and Chemist, will reveal their own passions among the array of colourful exotic orchids.

Kew will also be running a series of behind-the-scenes tours, where visitors can learn the latest propagation techniques and see Kew’s own nurseries, as well as hands-on sessions allowing guests to discover the intricacies of orchids.

A series of fabulous orchid evening events, including viewings with canapés and sit-down dinners (highly recommended), are also available for people looking for an evening out with a colourful twist!

Adding to the attraction of this year’s festival, a stunning and unique glass installation by world renowned artist, Dale Chihuly, will be on display in the North End of the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

This is a prelude to Kew’s exciting installation of his works throughout the Gardens from May 2005.

To reserve places for these events contact Ticketmaster or 0870 150 5415.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AB.

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