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Mount Fuji photographs by Chris Steele-Perkins

Preview: Jack Foley

HOKUSAI'S 36 Views of Mount Fuji showed the daily life of 19th Century Japan against the backdrop of a potent national symbol.

Chris Steele-Perkins' photographs re-interpret this juxtaposition for a new century: the mountain timeless and unchanging, the life in the foreground unrecognisably different.
Exhibition toured by mac and Magnum Photos.

The photographs which have resulted can be viewed at the National Theatre until September 13 and provide a compelling insight into Mt Fuji, and the way in which the world around it has changed.

Here are some reviews of Perkins' work.

“at once a social commentary, a homage to Hokusai and an ironic essay on modernity.....this mixture creates the attractively tart flavour of the collection - sweet and sour blended with a light skill that prevents it being bitter” - Japan Times

“the strange and wonderful thing about Steele-Perkins’ Fuji is how elusive the mountain is in his photographs even as it is a constant....while Fuji is nominally about a mountain it is actually as much about the human enterprise that surrounds Mt Fuji...people are everywhere in Fuji as Steele-Perkins intended” - British Journal of Photography

“Rather than recreating classic Hokusai scenes, he has captured today’s classic scenes; football, theme-parks and heavy industry. If Houksai were to pick up a camera today this is the body of work he may produce.” - Foto8

“he offers a fresh and surprising view of this iconic mountain and a meditation on modern Japan and Japanese Life.” - Leica View

“Steele-Perkins’ photographs have an exquisite balance that suggests a deliberate - almost painterly – approach” - Metro

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