The sidewalks of New York - on camera

Story by Jack Foley

Vintage photographs taken on the streets of New York from the 1950s and 60s are now on show at The Tom Blau Gallery in Butler's Wharf, SE1, until June 8, which are an absolute must-see for anyone who has been captivated by life in the Big Apple over the past few years.

New York is a constant source of inspiration for countless photographers and, as this exhibition reveals, its diverse and irrepressible street life continues to fascinate.

The exhibition, entitled NY Confidential, takes in everything from civil rights protesters to crazed dime-store shoppers, and Harlem street kids to Coney Island babes. It attempts to capture the vibrancy and tensions of the ultimate modern city in mid-century flux.

Highlights from the collection include the triumphant street parade for the return of Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts, James Baldwin championing civil rights, Ingrid Bergman fleeing a movie premiere on Broadway, and the sun-baked human zoo of Brooklyn's Brighton Beach.

On a darker note, hard-boiled crime photographs reveal a seedy underworld familiar to us through cop-shows and Hollywood noir.

As well as rare early work by established modern masters Garry Winogrand and Nina Leen, the exhibition will present exciting images by relatively unknown auteurs including Alfred Gregory and Ben and Sid Ross. All photographs are one of a kind and available for purchase from £250+vat.

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As we approach the first anniversary of September 11, perhaps now is the most pertinent time to rediscover the New York of old; that which was said to be lost after the devastating events of last year.

The featured picture is called New York policeman, c.1965 and is taken by Mike Smith. It is an Estate silver gelatin print.

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Tom Blau Gallery has become synonymous with the best in photography, showcasing the work of both new and established talent. It continues to develop new audiences through a varied and provocative exhibition programme.

In response to growing public appreciation of photography it now offers a dedicated Print Sales service dealing in fine vintage, modern and contemporary prints.

Tom Blau Gallery, 21 Queen Elizabeth Street, Butler's Wharf SE1, Tue to Fri 10am to 6pm, Sat midday to 5pm, free, 020 7378 1300. Until June 8.

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