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Proud Camden - Tek A Picture A' Dis (Bob Marley)

Feature: Jack Foley

A UNIQUE exhibition, celebrating what would have been the 60th birthday of Bob Marley - a musical legend who continues to transcend all categories, classes and creeds - takes place at Proud Camden from February 4 to April 8, 2005.

Tek A Picture A’ Dis promises to provide an unparalleled insight into the life of the reggae phenomenon, through a series of exclusive images taken by Dan Asher, Kate Simon and Jeff Cathrow - three photographers who were close to Marley throughout his life.

Combing their three completely unique archives, Tek A Picture A’ Dis reflects each of their individual relationships with Marley.

Indeed, taking as its title a sound bite from a conversation between Marley and Cathrow, the exhibition gives a clear and intimate insight into both the picture and voice of a legend whose music continues to inspire generations, young and old.

The exhibition includes timeless performance shots; unseen images of the legend in private; and a series of images thought to have been tragically destroyed in a house fire and only recently rediscovered.

TEK A PICTURE A’ DIS: Proud Camden, 10 Greenland Street, London, NW1 0ND.
Tube: Camden Town
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm Mon – Thurs 11am – 6pm Fri- Sunday
Prices: £3 (£2 concessions)


Background: Bob Marley – Reggae King of the World Between 1975 – 1978

Photographer, Dan Asher, captured some of Marley’s most groundbreaking performances – in New York during the late 1970s, but also in Marley’s native homeland, Jamaica.

At the time, gang warfare was destroying the lives of many young Jamaicans. Provoked by this violent epidemic, Marley instigated the One Love Peace Concert in Kingston, April 1978.

Asher’s provocative shots capture the pure essence of Marley’s untouchable performance during this concert.

Soon after Asher had completed this body of work, Marley passed away.

Before the photographer had the chance to develop the negatives in to original prints, he donated them to illustrate a book celebrating the life of the legend – Bob Marley – Reggae King of the World (Kingston Publishers, 1982).

Tragically, the negatives disappeared and for 20 years were thought to have been destroyed in a fire - until last year when they were discovered in an attic.

As a result, this incredible body of work has remained largely unseen, and prints available in this exhibition will be the first original fibre prints ever produced of these images.

Herb is the Healing of the Nation

As a dedicated follower of Reggae music and the vision behind the first ever ‘San Francisco Bay Area Reggae Hotline’, Jeff Cathrow was never far behind Marley.

In June 1976, the photographer and journalist was granted his first ever interview.

Cathrow continued to interview Marley on a regular basis during his time in San Francisco. They formed an immediate friendship, and Marley began to actively encourage Cathrow to photograph him, allowing him to capture some truly original moments - during a 1978 interview, for example, Cathrow presented Marley with a gift of some home-grown sinsemilla buds, to which Marley replied 'Ya grow some RAS herb, mon! Here, tek a picture a’ dis, mon! Tek a picture a’ dis!”

The result is a highly unusual and evocative series of shots capturing Marley in his truest form.

The majority of Cathrow’s intimate images have never previously been seen, and will be presented together for the fist time in this exhibition.

More Shaman than Showman

Photographer, Kate Simon, met Marley at an aftershow party in the Lyceum, London.

The two became instant friends and she soon became integrated with Marley and his band, The Wailers, travelling extensively with the band documenting their meteoric rise to fame.

Through a series of highly personal images, Simon was able to capture a real insight in to the life of the band – from Marley’s shamanic performances, to energy fuelled jamming sessions, and from the groups joyous devotion to Rastafarianism, to their religious dedication to marijuana.

The single image that she considers to be her most important will be amongst the series of groundbreaking images that make up this unique and highly intimate exhibition.

"As Proud Galleries’ photographic partner, Sony Ericsson is delighted to be supporting this exhibition of one biggest musical heroes of our generation," said Peter Marsden, Managing Director, Sony Ericsson UK.

"The show promises to deliver a real insight into this musical legend, catching impulsive moments and behind-the-scenes footage.

"A trend that is becoming more prevalent as more people purchase camera phones, enabling them to capture the moment, wherever they are."

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