Training the lens on the underworld 'stages'

Story by Jack Foley

STRIPPERS will come under the photographic spotlight at the sixth in a series of Vibe Art events by Sunset People, being presented on Saturday, October 12, at the Glowrooms, 58a Camberwell Church Street (at the corner of Camberwell Grove), Camberwell SE5.

Following on from September's highly successful event (featuring the work of Sara Shamsavari - 'Street Portraits'), this month sees a series of photographs entitled Me Without You, by recent Middlesex University Fine Art graduate Shiraz Ksaiba, being focused.

Shiraz explores the role of the performer in a staged environment and her photographs of a female stripper raise questions concerning the new role of the camera in producing photographs as consumable surrogates.

Examples of her work are featured on this page, while further examples are available by clicking here.

The evening, which will feature the Vibe Art fusion of visuals, live percussion and deep, soulful, disco house music, takes place from 9pm until 3am and is free to enter before 9.30pm (£5 thereafter).

DJs Mit, Little Kris and Steven Gray (Full Soul Music) will also be feeding the crowd with Latin, soulful, deep, funky house accompanied by side-kick bongo player Ian Symmonds and his live rhythms. Percussionists are always welcome to visit and jam along!

More about the artist and her work (in her own words)...

Shiraz Ksaiba (pictured left) says: "Early on in my work, I became interested in the voyeuristic gaze; starting with a group collaboration of ideas on the traditional veiling of women of Middle Eastern decent, which developed into a shared creative expedition.

"It was there that I shifted my focus towards the 'performers' within socially gendered activities such as lap dancing, boxing and other underworld 'stages'

'Me Without You' begins an exploration of such activities staged for the purpose of the camera, evoking questions concerning the validity of the performance without its usual audience, and to contrast, the role of the photo itself as a consumable surrogate in reaching an extended audience."

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