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Titanic: Gone but not forgotten

Feature: Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE STORY of Titanic has captured the imagination for almost a century. Now, a new exhibition, Titanic - The World Class Collection has come to London's Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus.

RMS Titanic was, of course, the so-called 'unsinkable' luxury liner that sank on April 15, 1912, after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic ocean.

This is an exhibition that takes you back in time - to that fateful night and its tragic consequences. With the aid of rare and original artefacts, personal possessions and the heart-felt tales of survivors, the story unfolds hour by hour. Even, thanks to exclusive images and footage, to the great ship's final resting place, two and a half miles down on the ocean floor.

Among the hundreds of moving exhibits is a lifejacket worn by a victim; a third class menu that was on a dinner table that very night; an original deckchair; letters written on board to loved ones and original telegrams, including the infamous message 'Titanic is safe' which was actually sent by the White Star Line.

Also included is a beautiful necklace worn by Kate Phillips that some say was the inspiration for the 'Heart of the Ocean' diamond in James Cameron's film, Titanic and the beautiful silk kimono that Lady Duff Gordon was wearing when she stepped into Lifeboat Number One.

The World Class Collection also details the conception and construction of the ill-fated liner, her sheer luxury and a who's who of her passenger list - from aristocracy to lowly cabin boy.

This is an exhibition that has delighted critics and visitors alike, from Dubai to Edinburgh, and won Visitor Attraction of the Year 2004, which is awarded by a major national publishing group.

It's scheduled to run until November.



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