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Warriors at Madame Tussauds

Feature by Lizzie Guilfoyle

BATTLE has commenced - at least, at Madame Tussauds it has, with the opening of a new and exciting spectacle.

Entitled simply Warriors, it guarantees your place in the very heart of a raging battle, between legendery warriors, Alexander the Great and Achilles.

The action takes place beneath the famous dome of the Tussauds auditorium which, fittingly, has been transformed into a coliseum-style arena.

And by combining breathtaking digital technology with amazing live combat, courtesy of special stunt performers, Warriors takes live action to a new dimension.

It flashes betwen heaven and earth, as the mighty Zeus - voiced magnificently by Brian Blessed - brings together that supreme mythical warrior, Achilles, and the ancient world's most celebrated general, Alexander the Great.

And don't, for one minute, think that, as a spectator, you're safe, for foot soldiers are in the habit of enlisting the help of unsuspecting audience members.

Expect, too, arrows and fireballs to 'whoosh' right over your heads; thunder and lightning bolts to rain down from above, but, most of all, expect noise.

And keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, are Tussauds' newest figures - Colin Farrell, as Alexander, and Angelina Jolie, as his mother, Olympias, both of whom can be seen later this year in the new Hollywood blockbuster, Alexander.

For children, there's a chance to learn the secrets of sword play in a mini fight school, run by highly skilled trainers.

Show times are between 10.30am and 3.15pm and advance booking is highly recommended.

Entry is included in the main ticket price - from £15.99, for adults, and £11.99, for children, aged 5-15 inclusive.

To book, phone 0870 400 3000 or visit the website,



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