Look cool, own a bandana in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

Story by Jack Foley

Pic shows TCT chief executive Simon Davies modelling this year's bandana

THE Teenage Cancer Trust focuses on the particular needs of UK teenagers and young adults with cancer, leukaemia, Hodgkin’s and related diseases.

The charity designs and builds dedicated adolescent cancer units in hospitals and funds and organises support and information services for patients, their families, schools and health professionals.

Teenager Cancer Trust has a number of awareness and fundraising activities throughout the year. The Royal Albert Hall benefits concerts, featuring the likes of Oasis and The Who, are one of their highest profile events, while the Bandana Weeks (this year, from May 23 to June 3) continue to prove immensely popular.

Bandana Week 2002 kicked off in London with two special charity nights at Ministry of Sound (on Friday & Saturday, May 24 and 25) and will be followed up this weekend (Saturday, June 1) with some Bandana Customising at Topshop's flagship store in Oxford Circus between 11am and 5pm.

For this year's design, cult fashion label Fake London has produced an exclusive design for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Combining its inimitable style and sense of mischief with the Teenage Cancer Trust logo, the company has created an original and witty unisex design featuring the charity’s signature colour turquoise, alongside classic Fake symbols.

The traditional British imagery for which Fake has become known will take on a particular significance in 2002, as the Queen celebrates her Jubilee during the last few days of Bandanna Week.

The Teenage Cancer Trust Fake London bandanna costs £5 from retail outlets nationwide. At least £2 goes straight to the charity. To buy your bandanna, click here...


A major side effect of some cancer treatments is hair loss and many teenage patients choose to wear a bandanna during this time. So the bandanna is an ideal symbol to express solidarity with young cancer patients.


The TCT's fundraising activities throughout the year are aimed primarily at raising money for the creation of specialist teenage units in NHS hospitals. Each unit costs a minimum of £750,000.

Teenage Cancer Trust has already designed and built six, which are in London (two sites), Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Leeds.

The charity’s target is to have a total of 20, so that every teenager with cancer in the UK has access to these excellent facilities.

Teenage Cancer Trust also funds and organises support and information services, conferences and educational material for patients, their families, schools and health professionals.

The charity is actively developing overseas contacts in order to create support for teenagers with cancer and related diseases on a global level. An affiliation already exists with CanTeen in Australia.

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