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The 40-Year-Old Virgin (15)

Review by: Jack Foley | Rating: Two

EVERYONE remembers their first time - that coming-of-age ritual that is never as easy as films would have you believe.

To make matters worse, everyone seems to have done it before you, making it all the more important to lose your virginity at the earliest opportunity.

Well, imagine having to wait until you're 40! This is the premise behind Steve Carell's The 40-Year-Old Virgin, a crude, rude and frequently hilarious new comedy that also has plenty of heart besides.

Carell - best known for supporting slots in Anchorman and Bruce Almighty, as well as the US version of The Office - plays Andy, a shy but amiable 40-year-old with a passion for collectible action figures and weekends spent making egg-salad sandwiches.

When his work colleagues discover that he is still a virgin they take it upon themselves to get Andy laid - taking him to various bars and clubs in a bid to find the easiest woman possible.

Yet Andy aspires to something far greater - a relationship - and soon sets his sights on Catherine Keener's quirky single mother in a bid to find true love.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin was co-written by Carell and first-time director, Judd Apatow, and is the sort of comedy that revels in its raunchiness and ability to make audiences cringe.

You'll be doubled over in stitches while clutching any chest hair when watching Carell being body-waxed in a scene that was played for real, while squirming with embarrassment at some of his attempts to chat up women.

But while the dirty jokes and loose women come thick and fast it also knows when to display some sensitivity, which helps to keep it grounded in reality and lend it some heart.

Hence, his scenes with Keener's potential love-interest are well-played and suitably romantic, providing audiences with a nice respite from some of the more testosterone-fuelled banter between Andy and his mates (including the ever-excellent Paul Rudd).

At two hours, the film is a little overlong (much like the similarly raucous The Wedding Crashers) and not all of the jokes register as strongly as they might.

But given Carell's endearing charm and the excellence of his comic-timing, it's well worth picking up this particular virgin for a little raunchy fun at the multiplex.

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