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Alfie - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

REMAKES always tend to be hit-and-miss affairs, so it remains to be seen whether Jude Law can follow up his Oscar-nominated performance in Cold Mountain, by playing the lead character in Alfie, a re-imagining of the classic Michael Caine film, from 1966.

For this modern take on the jovial playboy, the action has been relocated from London to New York, while some of the darker elements from the original are said to have been toned down.

The movie finds Law as the eponymous hero, a sexually prolific Englishman, living in New York City, who prides himself on his never-ending ability to carry on affairs and one night stands with several women at once.

Among the women swooning for his Cockney, talk-to-the-camera charms are Marisa Tomei, Sienna Miller, Susan Sarandon, Jane Krakowski and Nia Long.

Matters become complicated, however, when one of his latest girlfriends falls pregnant, forcing him to have to choose between a life of continued flirting and sex, or that of parental responsibility.

The film is being directed by Charles Shyer, who remains best-known for his Father of the Bride movies, and whose presence seems to confirm that the tone of the movie will, indeed, be much lighter than the original.

Nevertheless, Law is talking up his role, informing Empire magazine, earlier this year, that after appearing in a batch of dark, spiritually searching roles (including Cold Mountain and Road to Perdition), he was ‘ready to relax’ and was completely up for playing ‘a philanderer, a guy who is out for himself’.

And commenting on the nature of the character, himself, the actor added: "He’s blatantly honest about women.. A great face, a great body, beautiful breasts – that’s what interests him. It’s what a lot of men feel."

Certainly, early publicity shots seem to suggest plenty of eye candy for Law to surround himself with, as well as for the FHM-generation the project looks to be aimed at.

Interestingly, most of the film was shot in Liverpool last year, despite the fact that it is set in New York.

The trailer looks to be great fun, with Law trading on the same sort of suave charisma that helped make a name for himself in The Talented Mr Ripley, even though much of the content seems more family-friendly than before.

The film is due for a November 5 release in the UK - but it remains to be seen what sort of fireworks it lets off.

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