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American Pie: The Wedding - Jason Biggs Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. In these production notes, you indicate that you had some misgivings, at first, about whether it was a good idea to go on to the third movie and where in fact your character could go. So what won you over?
What won me over was the script, for sure. Adam Herz, who wrote the previous two films, came back and wrote the screenplay for the third, and it made sense, dramatically. It was the logical next step, to get married. It's very simple, I've certainly seen the marriage used before as a way to end a franchise, or a television series, but it just seemed to make sense.
And the other important script note, was the set pieces, and making sure that we were going to push the same buttons, and go to the same comedic extremes, without getting gratuitious [laughter from group]..
Some might argue that we have, but I actually don't think we have; in fact, I'm convinced that we haven't, because on paper, there is a sweet underlying story. The characters are so easy to get invested in, they're approachable, and endearing despite all of the other crazy scenes.
Formulaically, it was exactly like the other two films, in terms of the balance of the raunch and the sweet, and I was very confident upon my first read, that this was going to make sense.
I'm giving you the unabridged version, by the way, if you want the longer version, I'll give it to you later...
Also, making sure everyone was going to come back, who was involved in this storyline, which made sense. Of course, some people could not come back, because their characters weren't really involved in the storyline, unfortunately, but everyone else's involvement was certainly integral to my own.

Q. After three American Pie movies, what would you say is your most memorable gross-out moment, or the one moment that fills you with the most kind of cringe?
Really, honestly, nothing made me cringe. All of my sort of set pieces, I didn't have to go above and beyond in terms of what I may have ingested. He's got the egg yoke and the play dough and stuff, which made you cringe just having to do that.

Q. You had to get naked on the roof? Or the pie? Or the superglue?
It didn't make me cringe! I lost a layer of skin (and lost a joke), but I guess the pie. In the moments leading up to the scene I was a little nervous. But in watching any of the scenes, they don't make me cringe so much. I think his stuff make me cringe [pointing to Seann].
I mean, the dog poo was actually the first time in any of the three films that I've been like, 'Oh, man!' But everything else was okay.

Q. Did you shed a tear, or how did you commemorate the last scene that you all shot?
A. I couldn't wait to stop working with these people [laughs]. The first one was fun and all, but if it wasn't for the big trailer, I never would have come back. It was not only the size, but the satellite television that did it for me [laughs].
It was, of course, incredibly sad, as it's been such a special experience for me, and for all of us. It sounds so corny, but it's such an interesting and very special bond that we all share. I mean, American Pie was tremendous for all of us, and it's just incredible the fact that we've been able to come back, twice more, which is above and beyond the initial blessing.
These guys have been so amazing to work with, and if not in the American Pie franchise, which I don't anticipate, but I certainly hope there will be other opportunites for me to work with these wonderful actors again.

Q. What are you involved with next? What's on the horizon?
Jersey Girl is in February, State-side, and Anything Else, the new Woody Allen film coming out in September, which premieres in Venice.

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