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A message from Antwone Fisher

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Initially, I wanted to tell my story because the opportunity presented itself and I was told that I could not do it, meaning that I did not have the aptitude to write.

It reminded me of how I was always told as a child that I was worthless and that I would never accomplish anything in life - words that still haunt me.

I became determined to write my story, simply because I was told that I couldn’t. Then, I discovered that it was cathartic and cleansing for me to write about my life. I felt free, free from what felt like secrets… free from the responsibility of such unhealthy shame.

Having my story told gives me faith and encouragement and reminds me that there are good and unselfish people in the world; people who would help an absolute stranger by giving him the tools to pull himself up, giving him the chance to benefit society. Despite the unfortunate circumstances of my life, there is hope.

How peculiar and blue that those words, ‘you ain’t nothing. You ain’t never gonna’ be nothing, ‘cause you came from nothing’, made for a fervent fuel that gave me the strength and the courage to persevere.

But there is more to it than that. At the age of 17, when I was homeless, all I had were my thoughts and the comfort of pretending that my situation would improve.

I would think to myself, ‘something good is about to happen’. I learned to convince myself of seemingly impossible things.

Sometimes they would work out, sometimes they wouldn’t, but I remained optimistic long before I knew the meaning of the word.

It was that optimism, coupled with my fear of failure, that allowed me to hang in there for the nine years it took to bring this film to life.

When I saw the film for the first time, I was overwhelmed by a mixture of feelings: fear, joy, pride and satisfaction - all of which still linger, and I am certain they will for the rest of my life.

I hope others, too, walk away with those same feelings and the courage to do something to better the lives of children in general.

I hope that after seeing the movie and reading my memoir that people will see that every child has value and boundless potential and that even if all one has to give is an encouraging word as a genuine gesture of care… that gift alone can save a child’s life and give hope for the future.

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