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Bad Boys 2 - Jerry Bruckheimer Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

On taking things to a new level
Now, you have, I think, two of the most prolific actor-comedians in the business. And Will has gone on to be nominated for an Academy Award. Martin's had some very successful films in the marketplace, uh, as a comic and an actor. And they, their craft level, of course, with age and with experience, has risen even beyond the first time we worked with them, and they were amazing the first time. So, you're getting two young - still young performers, who are at the top of their game.

On Martin and Will's relationship
Will would come up with wonderful ideas for Martin's character and vice-versa. There was never a selfish moment between the two of them. And it's really a pleasure for a director, or a producer, to sit in a room with such gifted performers and watch them, um, just come up with wonderful bits and wonderful dialogue and embellish their characters, embellish other characters and make the movie so much better than what we had on the page.

And we had a pretty good script going into it. I mean, we were always trying to make it better, and they certainly added a whole other level of humor during the filming of it, and during the rehearsal period.

On Marcus and Mike's relationship
Martin is, is at a place where his kids are growing up - they're getting older - and he's getting older. He wants to have a little more time at home. And when you're in, in this really specialised unit, you're on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
He wants to see his grandkids, you know, he wants to make sure he's around.
And Will is still very single and still having a good time, and hasn't made any commitments. He is still, you know, always pushing the limits when he's on a case and has, has, uh, the testosterone still pretty flowing and still breaks down doors and, you know, asks questions later.
Martin is just kind of saying, 'Wait a second,' you know, 'I wanna live a little longer so, we gotta calm down a little bit', and Will's not willing to compromise. So, it kind of strains the relationship a little bit.

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