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Bad Boys 2 - Will Smith Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

On the action in the film
As much stuff as you can blow up and jump over and kick and shoot (chuckles), we're doing it in this film. And on top of it, it manages to be as funny as any comedy that you would go to see. So, I mean, it's's a really rare combination.

On his character
My character, Mike Lowrey, is, uh, still a playboy; clinging to his twenties; still partying, lots of women, lots of guns, lots of fighting. And, uh, the characters are really growing apart, as Martin is startin' to - Martin's character - is starting to desire a more peaceful, more mature lifestyle.

On Martin Lawrence
Martin's hilarious. Martin... Martin's like a machine. You know, one, one of the few people that I've worked with that you can just turn a camera on and say, 'Go' and get somethin' funny and, uh, you know, in character. He’s just...he's amazing in that way and it just - it makes me feel like I have to do just no work in the scenes.
You know, all I have to do is, clean up the slop. Whatever Martin leaves in the scene, I take that. And, uh, we manage to have incredible scenes. Every time he opens his mouth, and his face, and his delivery and reactions and everything - he's just perfection.

On Jerry Bruckheimer films
Ah, yeah, this is, this is straightforward, uh, a Jerry Bruckheimer film. You know, he likes to make films that don't give you a moment to look away, or don't give you a moment to go to the bathroom, or look down at your popcorn. You know, he wants to make a movie that from the first second you walk in the theatre, it, it's exciting, it's funny, it's exhilarating, it's a combination of so many different emotions. And, he likes to keep it hot.

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