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Bad Boys 2 - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

IT'S been almost eight years since Martin Lawrence and Will Smith helped to turn Bad Boys into one of the most enjoyable cop-buddie action thrillers in years.

Yet, since then, the duo's careers have taken very different paths. Smith has enjoyed global success and multi-million dollar roles in hits such as Independence Day, Men In Black and Enemy of the State, while Lawrence has floundered in the abysmal likes of Black Knight, Blue Streak and National Security.

For Lawrence, this could well be the last-chance saloon, while movie fans could be forgiven for thiking that this might not be such a good thing. Had the sequel been made earlier, for instance, it might have been more welcome, but given that many fans thought Men In Black 2, last summer, came too late after the original, the same fears have resurfaced for Bad Boys 2.

Yet Lawrence remains confident that the wait will have been worth it, describing the near-finished project as 'dynamite' and predicting another big hit for the duo.

And while early scripts hinted at scenarios featuring the bickering narcotics detectives, Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), globe-hopping in both London and Paris, producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, and director, Michael Bay, eventually settled on writer, Ron Shelton's less ambitious screenplay, which keeps the duo in Miami, tracking down a violent ring of Ecstasy dealers.

The inevitable off-duty distraction comes in the shapely form of Burnett's visiting sister, played by Gabrielle Union, with whom Lowrey becomes smitten.

And while comedy fans will, no doubt, take delight in the on-screen chemistry being revisited, action fans can look forward to a 10-minute car chase and a spectacular gun battle which takes place in one shot.

The car chase, in particular, grabbed many headlines as it was being filmed, for the way in which it pissed off many of Miami's actual inhabitants.

The closure of Miami's MacArthur Freeway prompted numerous complaints to city officials, so, in return, Bruckheimer and Bay gave something back to the community, by blowing up a multi-million-dollar mansion, which had already been slated for destruction.

According to Entertainment Weekly's summer preview, Bruckheimer is quoted as saying: ''They wanted to demolish it, and we helped them. 'It was a pretty big explosion. We didn't quite level it, but we did a nice job.''

As for the official reason why the sequel has taken so long in coming, according to Bruckheimer, it was due to the problems of getting everyone back together again at the same time, as everyone is huge.

Smith, though, remains equally about the film's prospects and maintains that it was not made merely as a licence to print money.

He told Entertainment Weekly: ''We were excited about the nostalgia we could create on the film. We were open to the new nuances."

Of the returning cast members, Joe Pantoliano is back as the pair's mouthy superior, while viewers can expect plenty of nods to the humour and situations displayed in the brash original.

Bad Boys 2 is due to open in America on July 18, when we will bring you a round-up of the US critical reaction, and in UK cinemas on Friday, October 17.

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