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Batman Begins - Katie Holmes interview

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Excerpts taken from the London press conference held at The Dorchester Hotel

Q. You’re playing a very strong woman in this movie. There has been talk that you’ve been offered a role in The Factory Girl but you decide to reject it because your boyfriend, Tom Cruise, said that he doesn't want you to play the victim. Is that true? And do you prefer to play strong women? Also, are you getting married?
[Laughter] Well, I did really enjoy playing Rachel. I loved her strength and her integrity and it was a wonderful experience.
And I declined the role in The Factory Girl based on my own decisions about the movie.
There’s nothing official to report on the last question. But thank you. I appreciate it! [Laughter]

Q. How was it to act with such great actors as Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, who are really among the greatest in the business?
For me it was just such a privilege to be a part of this cast. It was such a learning experience and like Christian said, it’s so easy when you’re working with such wonderful actors.
I learned so much and Michael [Caine] made me laugh all day.

Q. Dawson’s Creek brought you one level of fame and obviously a movie as big as this is going to give you a greater degree of interest and acclaim as an actress. What are your ambitions now and do you see television as a stepping stone to movies, or would you ever consider doing another TV show?
Well, I think that Dawson’s Creek was a definite stepping stone and a huge opportunity and one that I look back on very fondly.
In the future I don’t know. I mean, I’m excited to do more movies. I like playing a lot of different characters but I’m open to all sorts of mediums.

Q. Might you go back to television?
Perhaps, if the right thing came along. Sure.

Q. Your character helps Bruce Wayne find his social conscience/moral conscience. Were there any aspects of your upbringing or childhood that you found helpful to draw on to give conviction to this role?
Well, it was really exciting and fun to play an Assistant DA. I’m the daughter of an attorney and the sister of one. So that aspect was just kind of fun and I guess whenever you’re creating a character there subconsciously are things that you grew up with or parts of your personality that you put into it. So yes, a little bit.

Q. I’m just wondering, are you getting into Scientology and what is it that you do to Tom Cruise that makes him jump up and down on chat show sofas?
[Laughs]. Well, thank you for asking and, yes, I am and I’m excited about it and I don’t know. But thank you.

Q. There’s obviously been a lot of recent media attention on you for the role in the film. Does it possibly hurt you at all when critics suggest that your relationship with Tom is not completely genuine?
. No, it doesn’t hurt me at all. I mean, there are a lot of people that are really, really happy for us and it’s really exciting and we’re so happy. I don’t really care about the critics.

Q. Do you have special fears or phobias – bats, for example?
A. Now I don’t really have any phobias but I’ve gone through the whole, you know, fear of turtles, fear of fire, fear of… you name it [laughter].

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