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Brosnan airs concerns about James Bond developments

Story by: Jack Foley

JAMES Bond is facing his toughest opponent yet - the man who plays him.

As work on the next 007 movie continues to face delays, Pierce Brosnan has spoken of his frustrations at the current state of play, as well as knocking the format of recent Bond outings.

The jovial star is upset at the way special effects and set pieces have taken a precedence over plot or character, and feels that perhaps the producers are now seeking to replace him with a fresher, younger actor.

Speaking in an articule in The Sun newspaper, as well as movie website,, Brosnan claims the movies' producers 'don't what to do' and even hinted that he may not appear in the franchise again.

In comments made to, he states that the producers 'don't know what to do' and 'don't know
how to move on', claiming that 'a sense of paralysis has set in'.

Brosnan maintains that he would love to do a fifth Bond, but expressed a desire for a more
character-driven aspect to it, citing his personal favourite, From Russia With Love, as a good direction to take.

He commented: "It's frustrating, really, because they feel they have to top themselves in a genre which is just spectacle and huge bang for your buck.

"For me, I think you can have your cake and eat it. You can have real character work and real storylines
and a thriller aspect and all the kind of quips and asides and explosions and the women."

As for the speculation surrounding future Bond stars, such as Hugh Jackman and Orlando Bloom, Brosnan maintained that the producers had told him they were not talking to any other actors at the moment.

Brosnan's plot comments come in the light of his dis-satisfaction with certain elements of his last outing, Die Another Day, which remained a huge box office success despite some dodgy special effects and hopelessly contrived set pieces.

Talking about the opening prison sequence, in particular, he remarked: "Yeah, that was like, 'Huh? This is a Bond movie?'. But they broke out of it too soon, into the formulaic, safe side. They're too scared."

Brosnan, now 50 and a father of five, first appeared as the world's most famous secret agent in Goldeneye, when he replaced Timothy Dalton.

He was credited with breathing new life into the ailing franchise and continued to enjoy success in subsequent outings, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day, which put him alongside Halle Berry.

And he remains tremendously grateful for the opportunities the role has given him, most notably the advanvement of pet projects, such as Evelyn, as well as high-profile roles such as the acclaimed remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.

The actor will next be seen alongside Julianne Moore in Laws of Attraction.

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