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Cabin Fever - Quick Facts

Compiled by: Jack Foley

l Over 1,500 people annually contract necrotising fasciiitis, the flesh-eating strep, in the US alone. In August of 2002, there were three separate cases of fishermen in Massachusetts, who contracted fotobacterum, a faster and more deadly form of the flesh-eating virus that lives in the water. No one knows how the viruses are contracted, and they can eat through your body in less than a day.

l Cabin Fever was filmed in 24 days, with the crew shooting anywhere from 25-40 setups on any given day. Most of these shots involved special effects make-up or blood. Prior to Cabin Fever, the most setups cinematographer, Scott Kevan, had gotten into a single day was 14.

l The initial idea for Cabin Fever came while director, Eli Roth, was working on a house farm in the south of Iceland, when he was 19-years-old. He had been cleaning out a barn and got a skin infection on his face. He woke up in the middle of the night, scratching his cheek, thinking he had a mosquito bite. The next morning, he attempted to shave and, literally, shaved half his face off.

l "The strangest part was that not only did it not hurt - it actually satisfied some strange itch underneath my skin," explains Roth. "I went to see a dermatologist, who, judging by the horrified and puzzled look on her face, had never seen anything like it before.
"She gave me some skin products and, luckily, it cleared up. I am, to this day, obsessed with skin care products as a result of this incident."

l Cabin Fever was filmed on location in North Carolina at Camp Raven Knob, a Boy Scout Camp. Shooting took place in the fall of 2001, and while the camp was not open as a summer camp.

l During shooting at Camp Raven Knob, actor, Rider Strong, decided to go for a walk in the woods during a three-hour break between his scenes. He did not elect to remove the fake blood covering his entire body, and wondered upon a school group of 11-year-old girls, who were on a class retreat for the day.
A few girls screamed in terror at the sight of the blood-soaked stranger, but then, upon realising this stranger was the star of ABC’s Boy Meets World, screamed even louder and proceeded to chase him through the woods.
Strong eventually outran the pack of pre-teens and made it back to the set, safe and sound, but had to hide in his trailer for the next few hours while the screaming girls ran around the woods looking for him.

l Actor, Joey Kern, was rushed to hospital four different times during production for different eye injuries - all to the same eye.

l The original dog who played Dr Mambo was so old and tired that the producers had to recast him after a disastrous day of shooting.
Producer, Lauren Moews, found Rock, a police attack dog that was so crazy and unpredictable that no actors could appear on camera with it, lest they lose a finger or two. During the scenes where Rock had to attack, the entire crew hid behind production trucks, and cameras were operated via remote control.
Director, Eli Roth, who makes a brief cameo in the film with the dog, was the only person required to appear on camera holding Rock. After two hours of petting and feeding Rock to ensure he wouldn’t attack, the dog sexually accosted the director on camera during the first take.

l Actor, Robert Harris, who plays Old Man Cadwell, makes his film debut in Cabin Fever at the age of 72, after many years in the theatre. As a young child, Robert entertained confederate troops with his singing and dancing at a retirement home in Georgia. He claims this was the original USO tour.
In the hospital scene, producer, Sam Froelich, who plays Doctor 2, is seen wearing a coat which reads, Dr P Frink, in homage to the character, Professor Fink, on The Simpsons. The popular TV programme is a favourite show of both Froelich and Roth.

l During shooting, several people in North Carolina contracted the flesh-eating virus, and it wasn’t until this story ran on local news, that the crew members believed this was a real virus.

l Survivors of the flesh-eating virus have seen the special effects make-up in the film, and maintain that it’s 100% accurate.

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