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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Freddie Highmore interview

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q: Getting the Golden Ticket is every boy’s dream in this film. I wonder what event you would buy a thousand chocolate bars to get a dream ticket for?
Working on Charlie was just that. It was a fantastic experience. I thought we’d be working on these blue screens all the time but they’d actually built all these sets. You know the chocolate room which was very overwhelming.

Q. Do your parents treat you any differently now that you have become a celebrity?
I think my parents are just normal. They don’t treat me differently or anything, I just do what normal kids do cos I’m a normal kid. [Laugher]

Q: And an Arsenal fan, is this true Freddie?
Yeah, I do like football or soccer. [Laughter]. We didn’t win last season but one of our best players left yesterday, I think. So that’s not too good. [Laughter]

Q: How aware were you of this material and how did you put your individual stamp on your characters?
I didn’t watch the original movie. I just thought it was better to base Charlie on the book and what Tim thought about him. And I think everyone can see themselves in Charlie. You know, because Charlie can’t run faster than anyone else. He doesn’t wave a magic wand. He’s just… he’s just normal and most people are normal. Like me. (Laughter)

Q: How did you become Charlie? Where did you get the inspiration from and what did you have to go through to find that person and become Charlie? How did you prepare?
As I said earlier, I read the book. I think Charlie’s just normal. You just try and get inside the character each time you play it. Obviously when you’re working with Johnny and when you look into his eyes you don’t see Johnny. You see Willy Wonka. That helps a lot.

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