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Constantine - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

ADVANCE word is beginning to hot up on new Keanu Reeves flick, Constantine, following initial scepticism about the casting of the former Matrix star.

Following the release of advance footage at the recent San Diego Comic-Con convention, and an appearance by the star himself, most people’s scepticism turned to euphoric optimism, according to a report on Empire Online.

The film finds Reeves as a world-weary investigator of the supernatural, who teams up with a sceptical police officer, in the form of Rachel Weisz’s Angela, to investigate the apparent suicide of her twin sister.

As they become more involved in the mystery, however, Angela is introduced to a new world of angels and demons beneath and beside the world she knows, while John Constantine is struggling to find a way to defeat his own terminal lung cancer.

The $100 million film is based upon the Hellblazer comic book series, and fell foul of fans immediately, who thought the Matrix star had been mis-cast - especially since, in comic book form, Constantine is British and blonde.

But, after they were shown 17 minutes of footage, fans have been given a renewed sense of faith in the project.

According to Empire, footage included an ‘out of the blue’ car accident, described by Empire as ‘one of the best committed to film’, as well as several demon attacks, a terrifying exorcism (which looks set to run rings around Exorcist: The Beginning) and a sequence in which Constantine destroys a room filled with demons, with only a crucifix gun and a sprinkler system filled with holy water.

The depiction of Hell is also said to be visually impressive, as was an appearance by Tilda Swinton as the Archangel Gabriel.

Adds Empire: "This is dark, brooding, deeply twisted and disturbed, visually stunning and, most of all, very scary."

Director, Francis Lawrence, maintains that this is no Van Helsing re-tread, but rather a film which does justice to the comic book origins, which maintains a creepy feel throughout.

While Reeves, who appears to have done enough to convince the fans of his suitability, maintains that the role has rapidly become one of his personal favourites.

He is commented as saying of Constantine: "I really loved the guy. I loved his anger. I loved his wry sense of humour about the awfulness of the world and what that’s turned him into. He’s like a warrior in this world of shit, and he’s trying to deal with it."

Constantine has been provisionally pencilled in for a UK release on March 18, 2005.

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