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Constantine - Rachel Weisz Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q: Is it true you met with a psychic for Constantine?
Yes. I’d never met a real one before. As part of my research I met people here in LA, where we were filming, psychics, mediums and clairvoyants, and just got them to tell me about their life.
I wanted to know about their life stories, like when did they first get this gift. I don’t know if I believe in it but I believe that they believe in it so I was interviewing them and asking them questions and they would tell me what it felt like to have a vision, that their palms got sweaty and they had a metallic taste in their mouth and what the visions looked like and what happened in their bodies.
I met a woman who had a similar story to Angela, the woman in the film, in that she told me she was very psychic as a child, she was having visions and she told her mum and her mum screamed at her and said ‘don’t you ever, ever talk about this ever again..’ so she stopped talking about it but the visions carried on and then slowly they went away and she became very academic, very high achiever, went to college and got a degree in something very rational, I think it was maths or physics or something. And she had a massive breakdown when she was about 21 and all the visions started coming back, so it was really interesting to hear about
how it affects you psychologically if you try and suppress your gift.

Q: Did they give you any predictions for your own life?
They began to but I didn’t want any. I wasn’t interested. I wanted to know about them not me.

Q: Even the good stuff.
It could have been good or it could have been bad. It could have been a load of bollocks.

Q: Have you had any experience of the inexplicable?
Yeah, just about everything all the time.

Q. Something like that’s spooky or ‘I don’t know why I know that..’ like déjà vu?
Well, everybody gets déjà vu. Unfortunately, it can be explained neurologically now in great details so that’s a bit of a shame because déjà vu used to feel quite spiritual to me. Nothing supernatural has ever happened to me but I would be very happy if it did. I’m curious about it. I’ve never seen a ghost but I would like to see one.

Q: Do you believe in ghosts or God?
I don’t know if I believe in ghosts because I’ve never seen one but I’m not saying no, they may be all around us now. I have no idea. And I have my own sense of what God is but I’m not part of any organized religion.

Q: What was going through your head when Keanu was holding you down in the bath tub? I didn’t think terribly much acting was required.
You are totally right. After about 20 seconds there was no acting. But the director said to Keanu and me ‘I want this to be really real.’ and frightening. And there was a point where I wasn’t acting, it was scary. We had a signal.

Q: What between the two of you?
Yeah, I think it was that I tapped him on the arm but because I was thrashing around so much it was almost impossible for him to tell what was a thrash and what was a tap. But I trust Keanu so..

Q: Has he changed much over the years?
No. We’re both a little bit older, both a little bit wiser. But in essence, no. And you would think three Matrix later he could be… who knows what you are going to meet. But he is the same guy and he is actually very down to earth and he is not part of the whole Hollywood hoopla, his private life is very private, he has real friends, he has a real life. He is a real guy and that’s what he was when I met him the first time.

Q: The director said you wanted to kiss him in the movie?
Yes, of course that’s true. I try and kiss him all the way through the movie. I think three times I try and get a kiss. He’s a loner, what can you do? He’s too much of a loner to give me a kiss.

Q: What do you like the most about Keanu?
He’s an oddball (laughs) but I kind of like guys who are like that. Just a little odd. He’s down to earth but he’s not just your average guy there’s something just a little bit quirky about him and I
like that. I think that’s what makes him interesting. He is very enigmatic. He is very unknowable.

Q: What about the cop training?
Yeah, I trained with this guy here called Peter Wireeater. He is an ex cop and when I went into police stations with him around the city people would like stand up, he was a hero, an absolutely hero, like the super cop of LA but now he trains people and he does personal security for very big movie stars. He is ex-Seals. And undercover narcotics, his stories were riveting.
My hair, when I had some, was standing on end. He took me out to the firing range, taught me how to shoot a gun, because I was playing a homicide detective and we went to the morgue which was a new experience for me.
(In the film) I had to identify my sister and that was all part of the research. And I went on driving along at night. No one wants to talk about the morgue! I keep bringing it up. I saw hundreds and hundreds of dead bodies, having never seen one and that’s what my character would have to do most days. And it puts you in a whole new relationship, it was intense.

Q: How did you feel when you saw Isobelle’s body?
I don’t know because it was quite weird because it was me. It was very bizarre and I don’t know how to put it words, it was me – dead.

Q: Do you feel naked with your hair as short as it is right now, or is it a liberating thing or a scary
I cut it for a role which I’m doing right now and it was a lot shorter than this, really short, so it’s grown out now. I’m into it. Very low maintenance – in the shower, out the shower, out the door. And traveling, you know, shampoo, conditioner, and all the products and now I’m traveling much lighter.

Q: What’s the role?
I’m doing a film called The Fountain opposite Hugh Jackman which is written and directed by Darron Aronofsky, we’re doing that in Montreal and I go back tomorrow. There was a time when all movie stars had short hair, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Seberg, right now the hair is in fashion but I don’t mind swimming against the tide. Her hair had to be short in this film. It’s a pretty gritty movie, it needed to be done.

Q: We’ve been asking people what their idea of heaven and hell is?
For me hell would be a really crowded nightclub where you can’t breathe and very loud techno music.

Q: And heaven?
Heaven is private.

Q: What do you like most about the film?
I like the fact that it has this incredible computer generated supernatural world. And I get to play a very real character and it’s a very meaty role for a girl.

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