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The Door in the Floor - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

OSCAR-winning actress, Kim Basinger, will be stripping off once again, this Summer, for her latest role in Tom Williams’ The Door in the Floor.

The film is described as a delicate tale of a young man's coming-of-age, with a married couple's experience of trauma and loss, and marks a big-screen adaptation of John Irving's acclaimed novel, A Widow For One Year.

It is being billed as another successful and faithful adaptation of an Irving novel, in the mould of The Cider House Rules, and co-stars Jeff Bridges, Elle Fanning and Jon Foster.

The film details a summer of trial separation between husband and wife, Ted (Bridges), a popular children’s writer, and Marion (Basinger), whose union was shattered by the loss of their two sons.

Though they have one remaining daughter (Elle Fanning), Ted hires a greenhorn writing assistant, in the form of Eddie (played by newcomer, Foster), who is expecting to learn writing from the master.


But while he is reduced to nothing more than a chauffeur for the author, Eddie receives some unexpected and useful lessons in manhood from the emotionally distant Marion, and an obsessive crush blossoms into passionate first love.

The ensuing drama plays out against the scenic backdrop of the family's scenic estate, in the Hamptons, as the tension between the trio builds, and Eddie struggles to understand the reasons for the family's painful disintegration.

According to several online sources, The Door in the Floor is said to be rich in character, and another fine role for both Bridges and Basinger.

For newcomer, Foster, however, the prospect of appearing naked onscreen with Basinger proved more than a little intimidating, and he has confessed to being over-awed.

For Basinger, however, the prospect of stripping off is anything of the sort, given her track record for raunchy roles, in films ranging from Nine and a Half Weeks, to The Getaway.

That said, the actress, who won her Academy Award for LA Confidential, has recently turned 50, and she will be following the likes of Charlotte Rampling (The Swimming Pool) and Meg Ryan (In The Cut) in baring all during her latter years.

This film isn’t just about the nudity, however, and is said to contain a narrative which unfolds ‘like a mystery’, allowing viewers the opportunity to unravel the details of this intricate story.

The film will open in the UK later this year.

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