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Double Whammy (15)

Review by: Katherine Kaminsky | Rating: Two

DOUBLE whammy is when something so terrible happens, you're left thinking, well at least things can't get any worse - and just as you relax with that thought, something even more disastrous occurs.

This twofold blow happens to one cop, Detective Ray Pluto (Denis Leary).

The first one occurs while Pluto is buying his lunch in a fast food restaurant, only to be confronted by a crazed gunman randomly shooting the customers.

Just as Pluto pulls his gun on the man, his bad back gives out and he manages to knock himself unconscious, as he falls to the ground in pain.

By the time he comes round, his gun has been taken by a small boy, who has shot the gunman and become a national hero.

Pluto, dubbed by the media as the 'Loser Cop', has his assignments passed over to arch-rival and master of the stony stare, Chick Dmitri (Chris Noth) and is put on restricted duty until his back gets better.

His partner, Jerry Cubbins (Steve Buscemi), is having his own dilemmas, but concerned for Pluto, puts him in touch with chiropractor, Dr Ann Beamer (Elizabeth Hurley).

In no time at all, the two fall for each other.

The second whammy happens while Pluto and Beamer are asleep in his apartment.

Downstairs, his caretaker and friend, Juan Benitez (Luis Guzman), is critically stabbed in front of his daughter during a very suspicious attempted robbery.

Another headline for Pluto, ,Loser Cop sleeps while...'

Pluto's only escape is by getting stoned and watching a really weird cheerleader workout video.

To turn things around he must risk jeopardising his already shaky career.

Disobeying orders and disregarding Dmitri, he does his own investigation into the attack on Benitez.

With the unexpected help of two would-be screenwriters, who live upstairs from him, Pluto begins to piece together the crime as well as himself.

If you enjoyed Leary's television comedy, 'The Job', you'll like this, as it's the same sort of thing.

There are some funny moments but not enough to sustain a whole film.

However, Leary is an engaging leading man and it's nice to see Luis Guzman not playing a bad guy.

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