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Dukes of Hazzard - Johnny Knoxville interview

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Just a quick word on what you particularly liked about your own characters?
My character was a womanising drunk, so it was fun to play! Actually the movie was fun, period, just from doing all the bar fight sequences and the driving.
We trained with a guy named Bobby Orr, who’s the number one stunt driver in the world. He taught us how to 180° turns, 90° drifts and it’s good because you can use that in your personal life!
I have an old ’70 El Dorado Cadillac. It’s in the shop right now because I tried to do those 180° spins back home and it didn’t work out so good… or good, depending on perspective. But enough about me...

Q. How did you feel about taking on such well established characters?
We didn’t try to stick too tightly to the characters, we just wanted to make them new and fun.

Q. You said you had to play a womanising drunk, so what preparation did you do?
Jay [director]:
Lots of squats and lunges for you…
Knoxville: Yeah, squats, lunges, side straddle hops, running in place… no, I pretty much phoned this one in! [Audience laughter]

Q: You play two really outrageous, daredevil guys. In real life, what was the thing you did that maybe you thought afterwards, 'Dear God! How stupid was that?!'
We don’t have enough time for Johnny’s answer!
My (whole) career! My so-called career! Seann, do you want to jump in because there’s a host of things I just shake my head about?
Scott: I’d rather hear your answer.
Knoxville: Errrrrr… pretty much anything we did on the show, on ‘Jackass’. There were a few times after reviewing footage when I was like, “Wow! I really just escaped that one!”
We did one thing that no one saw because, I don’t know… they put me in a cardboard box the size of a television, gave me a pillow first, taped it up and then kicked me down a flight of concrete stairs. And halfway down the box just takes off and I slam right on my back. I got lucky because if I’d have slammed on my neck, Ashton Kutcher would be sitting here! (Uproarious laughter) And nobody wants that!

Q: And you, Seann?
I got nothing to compare to that, I’m sorry.

Q. Were you disappointed that Seann got to do all the driving?
In the script, Seann is in love with the car and they had me in love with girls, so I’m very happy with the way it turned out.
Jay: But you rode the safe! There’s a scene where he rides a safe and he actually got on it and we dragged him down the street.
Knoxville: We did.

Q. Do you have any good stories about working with Burt Reynolds?
He tells the best Hollywood stories; you can’t really repeat them though because of the people involved but he tells the best stories. We’d sit there like a little kid and as he’s telling the stories he starts off a little quiet and then as he’s telling the story he leans back and gets quieter so you’re nearly falling off the edge of your seat. But enough of that.

Q. Would you all rather raise your kids in LA or in Hazzard county?
Well, I’m the only one that has kids, unless you’re about to get a phone call Seann… I never thought I was going to raise a kid in Los Angeles. Then my girlfriend at the time got pregnant and the next thing you know I’m raising a kid in LA.

Q. Is it true that you had to take a lie detector test on The Howard Stern Show to prove you and Jessica weren’t having an affair?
Yeah and passed. It was one of those things that it was such a good idea that I couldn’t afford not to do it. Howard has been very good to the show, Jackass, and he’s very good to Steve-O and I always have a ball when I go on there. Usually ‘cos I just kind of play through. You got to go on at six in the morning so there’s no point in going to sleep.

Q: This movie has some great pursuits, beautiful women and nice cars. It must have been a dream for you?
It wasn’t too bad. We shot in Baton Rouge and had a ball. They have good bars in Baton Rouge for anyone who’s wondering about visiting.

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