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Dukes of Hazzard - Seann William Scott interview

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Just a quick word on what you particularly liked about your own characters?
A. I was a big fan of the show so I think I probably had the most fun just hanging out with these guys, making a film version of it. Sorry, it’s not as interesting as the others!

Q: Did you do all of the car stuff yourself?
Yeah, I did a bunch, but as Johnny said, we worked for about three weeks with this guy Bobby Orr who used to be a NASCAR driver. I probably did about eight stunts that were pretty cool, but then the stunt drivers did the rest. Jay and Billy wanted to make sure that it was all real driving so I think the only CGI stuff was putting me in the car, and then that big jump at the end, and some dialogue stuff, but all the stunts were real.
Knoxville: Seann got damn good at driving. I sat bitch and talked on the CB in the movie but Seann trained about four hours a day with Bobby Orr and a lot of the things you see in the film, he did.
Producer: He’s done every one of those moves, the reverse 180s, the 360s, he’s done them all, and sometimes maybe he tapped the car, but he could perform all of them. Some of the shots are with precision drivers, some of them are Seann, and it’s cut together.
Knoxville: But he nailed the precision thing that we did. I say ‘we’ because I sat bitch and talked on the CB but Seann… we were shooting a scene where the cop car had to be stationary and the General Lee had to dance around it with the front end a few inches away all around the cop car.
They taught him about 20 minutes before, he did it twice, they said action and he just nailed it. And after he nailed it I completely ruined the scene because I broke the character and was like, “Whoah! That was f**cking great, man!”

Q: The out-takes reveal something of what must have been the off-screen relationship between Seann and Johnny. Could you perhaps expand on how you got on and what you got up to?
Pretty much every day, Knoxville showed me his testicles. He’d switch it up, show me his right, then his left, usually before I was about to do a pretty big car stunt. So what you saw in the out-takes happened pretty much every day. We just didn’t have time to show all of it!
Knoxville: My pants kept flying off the whole production!

Q: Did you ever get him back?
Boy, did he!
Scott: What can you do to Knoxville that hasn’t happened to him already? So no… [Audience laughter]

Q. How did you feel about taking on such well established characters?
I wasn’t really worried about it because I knew we were going to do our own thing. It’s The Dukes of Hazzard so it’s more important just to have a good time and have it be fun.

Q. What do the cast of the TV series think of you’re film? Have you had chance share some experiences with him?
We met John Schneider at the premiere. So we didn’t meet him before but at the premiere he was like “I loved the movie. You’re crazy. You played him really crazy but I liked it. You did a lot of your own driving too” and I was like “Yeah”. We exchanged numbers and he wants to hang out so that’s pretty much the experience I had.

Q. Did you shave your hair for a film role?
I gave him crabs and he had to shave it off.
Scott: Everywhere. This movie, Southland Tales, by the director of Donnie Darko. I started shooting last week.

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