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Dukes of Hazzard - Jessica Simpson interview

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. What was the attraction to you in playing Daisy Duke?
I grew up watching Daisy Duke, I'm from the South, I'm from Texas, so she was always somebody who I idolised as a kid. Me and my cousins played Dukes of Hazzard as kids and I was always Daisy. I was just so excited to put those shorts on.

Q. Were you ever shy about showing off your body?
There was definitely a robe on set that I put on after every take because I am very shy about that kind of thing.
It was definitely acting for me to drop a trenchcoat wearing only a bikini and look like I know what I'm doing.

Q. Did you keep a pair of shorts to take home to Nick?
Jay [the director] took them all actually. He wore the shorts once as well!

Q. Do you have any fears that your success in your singing career will be overshadowed by your acting? And do you think this is the kind of role you’ll look for in future?
If I felt like that I wouldn't have taken the movie, I definitely wanted to be part of an ensemble cast - I didn't want to carry my first movie. For now I just want to do romantic comedies, just fun stuff, I'll look at the serious stuff when I'm older.

Q. Did you have to work out to fit in shorts?
I worked out a lot, I immediately went on the South Beach diet. I trained for six days a week, two and a half hours a day, which was pretty grueling for me. Especially being in Baton surrounded by lots of Cajun fried goodness.
I hired a trainer and did lots of squats and lunges. I spent an hour a day running on the treadmill. I was determined to look good in those shorts.

Q. The shorts are a defining feature of the role - are there any regrets that you couldn't keep a pair? Or did you wear them for Nick while filming?
I have a line of clothes coming out and Daisy Dukes are involved. I'm a big fan of those shorts. There's no girl that couldn't wear Daisy Dukes. I kept my own pair but Nick has never asked me to wear them around the house - though I did read that in a magazine.

Q. Men are hypnotized by you in the movie, does that happen in real-life?
I don't know how to answer that question [giggles and blinks after being instructed to do so by Johnny Knoxville]. Thank you, it makes me shy when people say I'm beautiful.

Q. How was singing with Willie Nelson?
That was a dream come true for me. I adore Willie, I think he's one of the best people I've ever met in my life and the fact that he actually wanted to sing with me and we performed it all over, even in Germany. I live when I'm on stage with him and it was one of the best experiences. I feel blessed.

Q. Have you ever used your charms in a Daisy Duke way, say when getting a parking ticket?
I did get pulled over the other day and I think that playing Daisy helped me because I ended up on the phone to his wife. I got away with it whereas beforehand I would never get off a ticket.

Q. Did doing Newlyweds help with acting?
It helped with ignoring cameras and not having that be intimidating on set. After two years I'm used to a camera now. There won't be anymore series of that. We're no longer newlyweds, we're going on three years.

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