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Enduring Love - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

IN WHAT is proving to be a strong year for British cinema, the London Film Festival promises to showcase several of the must-see UK movies of the coming months.

Aside from opening night film, Vera Drake, and controversial teen drama, Top Spot, another of the festival's highlights looks set to become Enduring Love, a psychological thriller starring some of the top names in British cinema.

Based on Ian McEwan's best-seller, the film finds Daniel Craig as Joe, a man who becomes increasingly obsessed with a ballooning accident he witnessed with his partner, Claire (Samantha Morton), in which a man is killed.

In the ensuing weeks, Joe finds himself haunted by the tragedy, and his own feelings of powerlessness, as well as becoming baffled by the recurring presence of Jed (Rhys Ifans), who was also at the scene.


And it isn't long before the obsession begins to impact on Joe and Claire's relationship, as well as their personal safety.

Based on a screenplay by acclaimed theatre writer, Joe Pernhall, the film is directed by Roger Michell, who scored a festival hit, in 2003, with The Mother (which also starred Craig).

It is billed as 'an adventurous modern love story, firmly located in London, but with universal themes', and has already drawn many of positive reviews.

It is showing as the Mayor's Gala screening and also stars Bill Nighy.

For Craig, it provides an excellent showcase of his diversity and growing prominence as one of the UK's finest leading actors, following his equally compelling turn in gangster thriller, Layer Cake.

It is due to open in the States on October 29 and follows in the UK in November.

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