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Exorcist: The Beginning - US reaction

Compiled by: Jack Foley

IT'S been through several directors, been dogged by rumours of curses, and had more release dates than sequel numbers, but Exorcist: The Beginning finally opened in US cinemas on Friday, August 20, to terrible reviews.

Far from scaring the life out of people, like its classic original, The Beginning seems to have bored them.

The film finds Father Lankester Merrin (Stellan Skarsgard) in the years following World War II, as he is relentlessly haunted by memories of the unspeakable brutality perpetrated against the innocent people of his parish.

Variety leads the chorus of frustration, stating that 'this annoyingly disjointed shocker stumbles badly after promising early scenes, and quickly devolves into a chaotic blur of underdeveloped characters, illogical transitions and standard-issue scary-movie tropes'.

Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, lamented that 'this is the kind of film that mysteriously vanishes from most participants' resumes'.

Entertainment Weekly wrote that 'the original Exorcist verged on being demonic child porn. This Beginning simply feels as if it has no end'.

While the New York Post opined that 'the acting is serviceable at best, the direction unfocused - and the special effects and makeup cheesy-looking'.

Worse still, was the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which pointed out that 'when it was first released, The Exorcist caused nausea, fainting and heart attacks; by comparison, The Beginning elicited waves of giggles and guffaws from a preview screening audience'.

And the Dallas Morning News, which dismissed it by stating that 'Mr. Harlin's helming is uninspired enough to remind you that he's the fellow responsible for such tankers as Cutthroat Island and Driven'.

Slightly better, but still negative were the likes of the Chicago Tribune, which wrote that 'this movie is no Exorcist, but it's no Alien vs. Predator either'.

And the Houston Chronicle, which wrote that 'The Beginning surpasses both sequels, yet it still feels like a potboiler that regurgitates reliable jolts as if it were sticking to its own rites'.

But was deeply unimpressed, describing it as 'a snorefest interrupted briefly by a only a few semi-decent moments'.

While E! Online felt that 'if this violent, tedious and gore-splattered prequel to the horror classic is any indication, the devil has officially become boring'.

The final word, however, goes to, which concluded that it 'could rival Exorcist II: The Heretic as the most ridiculous and boring horror movie ever made'.



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