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Final Destination 2 (15)

Review by: James Raffoul | Rating: Two

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Filmmakers' commentary; 'Bringing Death to Life' documentary; Deleted/alternate scenes; Music videos; Trailer; The Terror Gauge; 'Cheating Death: Beyond And Back' documentary; Choose Your Fate; Fact Track.

IF EVER there was a top five movie list with most unbelievable (or unfortunate?) ways to die in a film, a few prize picks from Final Destinations 1 & 2 would surely be up there with the best of them.

Think of head decapitation by a surf-board in Lethal Weapon 2, or perhaps Woody Harrelson blowing his arse off in The Thin Red Line, and you catch my drift.

Final Destination 2 delivers a fresh new cast, all of them essentially teen scream beautiful and as close to death as ever before, now that they've unwillingly interfered with death's design. It was the Grim Reaper, of course, who struck in the original, and only one surviving character appears in FD2.

The opening scene is slickly-handled and, given its due, the choreographed crash sequences are right out of the top drawer, given added suspense by the trickery of director, David Ellis.

Things begin when young Kimberley (AJ Cook) has a horrific premonition of a major pile up on Route 23 on the US East-coast highway. She is on route to Phoenix on a road trip with her dope-smoking buddies when she forsees the events that are about to unfold before them.

Pulling over and blocking the route that the cars were about to take, the crash does eventually unfold and carnage ensues. You are then immediately aware (if you saw the first film) that those who should have died, are about to stop counting their blessings and start popping their clogs.

True to form, they do, and one by one their deaths become more satirical and, judging by the gasps from the audience (me included, on a couple of them), gorier and more gruesome by the victim.

Once the first unwitting sole is impaled by a ladder through the eye (wait till you see that one), the group becomes aware that a similar pattern is unfolding, just like the events of the first film, and those who should have died on Flight 180.

Hence, they set up a steering committee to help save each other, but does it do them any good? Haven't they learnt from the first film?

At just over 90 minutes running time, Final Destination 2 is nothing more than a good bit of fun, even if there are times when you find yourself being tested by the implausibility of the whole thing.

For instance, one hapless loser gets sliced into three by a flying wire, only for the people around him to get up and move on as if nothing has happened - even though they've just spent the best part of the film trying to save the poor sod. Likewise, the presence of only three cops in the whole state of New York to serve and protect means there is definitely trouble ahead.

However, you sense that the actors must have been laughing between takes, because this is nothing more than a half-serious Scream-type flick, with pretty people running about and getting knocked off life's list in the most in-peculiar fashions.

Eventually, as death catches up with (nearly) all of them, and normal life and reality resumes, you are left with what is now becoming a Final Destination favourite…… the final scene.

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