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Flight of the Phoenix - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

REMAKE, remake, remake! There seems to be a glut of remakes at the moment, veering from the sublime to the ridiculous.

One which could fall into either category is The Flight of the Phoenix, a big-budget remake of the 1965 original, which starred James Stewart and an ensemble cast including Ernest Borgnine, George Kennedy, Peter Finch, Richard Attenborough and Hardy Kruger.

The updated version, directed by John Moore, finds the likes of Dennis Quaid, Giovanni Ribisi, Tyrese Gibson, Miranda Otto and Hugh Laurie attempting to survive in the desert, following a plane crash.

The premise of the film is based upon the novel by Elleston Trevor and finds a group of air crash survivors - who represent cast-offs from society who will never be missed - stranded in the Mongolian desert with no hope of rescue.

As time begins to run out on their hopes for survival, the survivors attempt to build a new plane from the wreckage of the old one, in the hopes of flying back to civilization.

The ensuing trauma helps many of them to rediscover themselves in the process.

The first film earned Kruger both Golden Globe and Oscar nominations and was generally considered to be a classic.

Advance word on the remake suggests an enjoyable family adventure and it is being released in the middle of the Oscar season - although, from its action-packed trailer, the emphasis would appear to be more on thrills than awards.

The origin of the title, for trivia, is the myth of the Phoenix, a bird that dies and is reborn from the flames of its death.

It remains to be seen whether Quaid and co can emerge successfully from the fiery clutches of the critics' circle.

The film is due for a UK release early next year.

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