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The Hulk opens in America - did it make critics angry?

Compiled by: Jack Foley

ANG Lee's eagerly-anticipated blockbuster, The Hulk, has opened in America to largely positive reviews.

IndieLondon took in a sneak preview of the film earlier this week and found it to be a very good movie - one which supplies the wow factor, as well as the human element (and emotion) so often found lacking in movies this time of year.

But while we will deliver our verdict when the movie opens in the UK on July 18, here to whet the appetites still further is what the US critics thought...

Leading the way is the Hollywood Reporter, which said that it's 'filled with visual energy, genuine artistry and compelling human emotions'.

Likewise, The Chicago Tribune, which wrote that it is 'a corker - big, exciting, opulently designed, gorgeously shot and blessed with a top cast'.

LA Weekly referred to it as 'an articulation not only of the struggle between father and sons, but of our most current topical fears', while Slant Magazine felt that 'The Hulk has enough super-sized thrills and surprisingly affecting dramatic weight to make it the year’s most profound popcorn extravaganza'.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, meanwhile, felt that it is 'a terrific, great-looking movie that's rich and memorable and almost as huge as its mighty green star'.

CNN opined that 'fans of the comic book will probably be pleased and thrill seekers in general will get plenty to chew on', while Reeling Reviews wrote that 'not since Tim Burton resuscitated the genre with 'Batman' has a director so managed to put his own stamp on a superhero film and make the old seem new again'.

And the accolades keep on coming with the likes of JoBlo's Movie Emporium, which felt that it 'definitely worked as a impressive achievement in combining the darker sides of humanity to the lighter sides of comic books'.

E! Online simply stated that it is 'a spectacular achievement in filmmaking and, perhaps, the most consciously stylistic comic-book movie yet'.

However, there were those who were disappointed. Entertainment Weekly, for example, said that 'a big-budget comic-book adaptation has rarely felt so humorless and intellectually defensive about its own pulpy roots'.

While the New York Times found it 'incredibly long, incredibly tedious, incredibly turgid'.

And the Boston Phoenix warned that it 'swells beyond any recognizably human proportions into a huge, pretentious, CGI-rendered cartoon'.

Variety, meanwhile, felt that it is 'a noble, shrewd, and skillful still thwarted try at upgrading one of the preferred genres of the moment'.

However, the negatives were few and far between, with the final word going to Reel Views, which wrote that The Hulk is 'the most involving superhero motion picture since Superman soared skywards in 1978'.

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