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The In-Laws (12A)

Review by: Katherine Kaminsky | Rating: One

THE In-Laws is watchable, but then so is paint drying.

Steve Tobias (Michael Douglas) works as an undercover CIA operative dodging bullets and flying planes. He is the laidback father of the groom.

Jerry Peyser (Albert Brooks) is a podiatrist, who lives a very conventional, boring life. He is the uptight father of the bride.

When the two finally meet, a few weeks before their children are due to marry, they discover they have nothing in common, raising all sorts of doubts for Jerry about his daughter's prospective in-laws.

Jerry discovers Steve is not the Xero Dx machine-selling salesman he has led everyone to believe he is, and becomes embroiled in Steve's world of espionage.

This mismatched pair are then forced on a mission to intercept French arms smuggler, Thibodoux (David Suchet).

Thibodoux is a sociopath, who reads Deepak Chopra books to help him control his temper.

Having acquired the nick-name, The Fat Cobra, Jerry finds a whole new side to his nature, such as parachuting off the side of a building when he has always been afraid of heights, and distracting Thibodoux by donning a red thong and sharing a Turkish bath with him.

Meanwhile, Steve realises that, however exciting life is being James Bond, he maybe should have spent more time at home.

The impending wedding is highlighting the strained relationship with his son and, especially, his ex-wife, Judy (Candice Bergen).

Even the seating Gplan for the reception has them sitting on opposite sides of the room, with their backs to each other, out of earshot.

Based on the 70's film of the same name, this remake lacks any originality.

If you've never seen a film where everything that could go wrong on the big day does, including the wedding cake being knocked to the floor, then I won't spoil the ending for you.

There is, however, a nice cameo appearance from KC and the Sunshine band, doing 'Get Down Tonight', but, for the most part, this movie resembles far too many other movies to make it anything other than watchable.

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