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Kill Bill: Volume 2 - Daryl Hannah Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. You're big fight scene starts with you being in battle with one eye, and finishes with you completely blind. How tough was that to do?
The part where I was actually blinded, where I had the patch over one eye and blood and guts over the other, was really the only part of our fight that was unchoreographed, and when I'm sort of flailing around in the bathroom.
But you know how, when you get a sudden rush of adrenaline, you hear these stories about mothers lifting cars off their children, somehow, when I went berserk in there, I broke the toilet in half, and knocked the sink off the wall, the shower rod came down on my head. I was definitely battered and bruised and I literally could not see in-between shots, or whatever, but I figured it would be pretty funny.

Q. Can you describe what it's like working with Quentin?
It's kind of like working with a hyper-kinetic, maybe 13-year-old, one-man film school, mad, genius, brat, but who's having the greatest time of his life, and so enthusiastic. When he's shooting he's like euphoric, so he's just so excited and brings that excitement to everyone. It's so contagious. Hard work but really fun, and totally demanding, and totally wild, and yet he surrounds himself with the best of the best, which makes it a great experience. The best DP, the best prop guys, the best sound guys, you know, everybody works great.

Q. I believe that Quentin is known for borrowing the clothes and possessions of his lead actors, to use on the set, did he borrow anything from you? Did he, in fact, raid your wardrobe?
Yes, I have my own fetish nurse costume [laughs], and eye-patches. No, I did actually have an eye-patch, but that was just for fun.

Q. There is clearly quite a strong element of violence and possibly sadism in the film, do you think directors should be allowed to show whatever they fancy, or do you think there should be some form of censorship?
If you don't like it, don't go.

Q. There has been a lot of speculation about a third Kill Bill? Would you like your character to come back and get revenge on The Bride, even though she is blind?
I wouldn't mind seeing her get some revenge, no!

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