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Kill Bill: Volume 2 - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

WITH Christmas behind us, thoughts automatically turn to the New Year and what films to look forward to, and it is little wonder to find that the sequel to one of the films of last year, Kill Bill: Volume 2, is already leading the way in terms of publicity.

Initially scheduled for a February 20 opening, rumours are now beginning to circulate that the final part in Quentin Tarantino’s bloody masterpiece may not now be ready until April. A report confirms that speculation surrounding the release date is not misplaced, especially given that star, Uma Thurman, has mentioned the date change herself.

Aside from that, however, the rumour mill continues to tread with mounting speculation about what fans can expect.

Tarantino, himself, has stated that things slow down a little, describing Volume One as ‘a straight-ahead, heart-pumping, sit on the edge of your seat, ‘wow’-type of experience’, while Volume Two is slightly more complicated.

"Now it’s easy to get lost and to lose your way as far as The Bride’s journey is concerned... things aren’t one, two, three, and real life rears its ugly head into her journey," he added.

But what is known, for sure, is that the remaining members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah and, of course, old Bill himself, David Carradine) will get their comeuppance in some way.

And of the cast members to have spoken about their roles in the second part of the movie, Hannah has stated that her character’s demise will be the ‘antithesis of the snow garden fight’ which brought Lucy Liu’s character to such a spectacularly memorable end.

"It’s a messy, gruesome, gross brawl, two cats in a bag, there’s a trashing everything, it’s horrible," she said, after referring to her character as ‘bad all the way through’.

"You’re going to hate her so much in the second one, because she does horrible things," she adds, pointing to the fact that some of the villains in the first film, such as Vivica A Fox’s mother, or even Liu’s crime boss (who witnessed her family slain as a child), did flirt with some sympathy.

And talking about what to expect from Volume Two in general, Hannah states that ‘Quentin says that the first movie is like a samurai and kung fu movie and Japanese anime movie, with spaghetti western overtones’, whereas the second film is ‘a spaghetti western with kung fu, anime and Samurai overtones’.

Hence, there’s a lot more dialogue, and the fighting is far dirtier and more personal.

The other news to have emerged from Volume Two is that long-time Tarantino friend, and frequent collaborator, Robert (Once Upon A Time in Mexico) Rodriguez is to compose some of the score.

Watch this space for any news on the release date.

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