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King Arthur - Antoine Fuqua Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. As an American, how did you feel about taking on such a British legend? And how much did you know of the legend?
Nervous, taking on the story of King Arthur. I like it here in Britain, so I wanted to make sure I can get back in the country. It’s a big legend, and it means a lot to a lot of people. I grew up watching King Arthur - Excalibur and Knights of the Round Table - and I did my own research on the mythology, and it’s a big taking on, to bring him to light, because I wanted the movie to be about King Arthur and not about a magical sword, cos I think in these times we need real heroes, and Arthur is somebody that I believe was a real hero.

Q. How did Keira Knightley get on with such a male dominated set?
Well, when she was around, it wasn’t dominated by males.

Q. I believe you’ve said you were always interested in the story of Arthur. But did you have much of a clue about Sarmatia? Even where it was?
I had no idea, I had never heard of Sarmatia, I never saw it on the map, never heard of it in school. Jerry explained it to me and then I spoke to David Franzoni, and they told me it was part of Russia. Just that alone I found fascinating, just the idea that there were so many places that were called by other names starts your wheel to turn…

Q. You were intense about getting into the nitty gritty of the action, so much so that your steadi-cam operator had to have protective gear on when he was filming? Can you tell us about that?
Yeah, we had cameras everywhere. We had 18 cameras on days… we had cameras rigged on the guys, on shields, on the swords, on the horses, in the ground, a guy on steadi-cam running through the middle of fire and these guys swinging swords, with another guy, with another camera going this way. So he had to be protected at all times, because anything could happen.

Q. So was he wearing riot gear?
Yeah, riot gear, and helmets, gloves, protective padding, knee pads, full gear. He was basically a knight.

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