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Sir Ridley Scott hints at Blood Meridian

Story by: Jack Foley

SIR Ridley Scott is never one to do things by half measures.

Having just completed his Crusades epic, Kingdom of Heaven, he now seems to be planning another politically-sensitive historical epic, in the form of Cormac McCarthy's acclaimed novel, Blood Meridian.

The talented director has long been a fan of the book and has hinted (in an interview with Empire Online) that it may become his next project - ahead of the likes of Tripoli and Gladiator 2.

Blood Meridian is described as an uncompromising look at the Old West which follows the story of a young cowboy as he enlists with a rogue band of American soldiers to commit genocide among the Indians south of the border, in Mexico.

Under the guidance of the soldiers' blood-thirsty leader, Judge, the young man's soul is gradually corrupted as he takes part in some unspeakable acts of bloodshed in order to gain the respect of his fellow riders.

Sir Ridley believes the material would give him the perfect opportunity to pick off another of the icons he has long been interested in portraying - namely, the cowboy.

"It's an amazing book," he told Empire. "But one of the difficulties is what do you say about it, because as an author he [McCarthy] doesn't have to give an answer to anything.

"He writes the book and says if you get it, you get it and if you don't, you don't. And therefore there are no answers at the end of the book."

Another problem is the high level of violence, as readers of the book have been quick to point out (on that 'the extreme (and random) violence of the novel's many gore-infested passages is too much for many stomachs'.

Scott has already said that he is not interested in an incredibly violent movie and is now busying himself with how best to 'give a voice to the two central characters'

But fans of McCarthy's novel are sure to agree that Sir Ridley would be a perfect choice for bringing such a startling vision of the West to big screen life.

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