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Krámpack (15)

Review by: Graeme Kay | Rating: Two

FIRST of all: Krámpack, Spanish schoolboy slang for an act of mutual masturbation. Got that? Okay, then we'll begin.

Dani's (Jordi Vilches) parents have gone away on a trip. So, he invites Nico (Fernando Ramallo, a very hot property in Spain at the moment), his friend from Barcelona, to come and stay with him on the island.

Friends from way back, Nico and Dani share everything, even their sexual fantasies, and are intimate and comfortable enough with each other to indulge in the occasional session of Krámpack.

But are they actually gay? Well, yes and no. Nico is primarily interested in sex, any kind of sex, and is prone to chatting up strange women in a likeably disarming, if somewhat clumsy, way. But if there are no women around, well, he'll give anything a try.

But what about Dani? Dani seems to have made up his mind that it is time to come out of the closet, so all foursomes set up by the foxy Elena and Bertha are destined to end in tears because, while Nico and Elena are getting on like the proverbial, Dani takes very little interest in Bertha, at least not while she's conscious, so, on the heterosexual side of things, relationships between the four quickly become strained.

When Nico refuses to participate further in Dani's gay fantasies, Dani goes looking for love elsewhere. So can Dani and Nico's friendship survive?

Now that would be telling.

Directed with a lightness of touch that compliments the sunny, ozone soaked atmosphere of a film set in a Spanish seaside resort, Krampack is a bright 'n' breezy work that, through its honesty and humour, captures perfectly the essence of sexual experimentation among teenage boys.

Director, Cesc Gay, has a good ear and an eye for the way that adolescents communicate and the way they prioritise their lives, and in Romallo he has got a natural comic talent whose laid back, unassuming style provides the perfect foil for Dani's headstrong, athletic young buck.

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