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The Legend of Zorro - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

1998'S The Mask of Zorro offered cinema fans a jolly blend of old-school swashbuckle and rollicking action adventure, so it may seem strange that it's taken seven years to get a sequel prepared.

Fortunately, however, director Martin Campbell was able to convince his main stars back, so that Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones reprise their roles for the lively sequel, The Legend of Zorro.

Due for release at the end of the month, the film picks up a decade after the original, as things are not happy within the De La Vega household.

Having had his Zorro wings clipped by the demands of husbandry and fatherhood, Alejandro (Banderas) has become bored - creating frustration and tension in the marriage.

Things come to a head, however, when Elena (Zeta-Jones) mysteriously goes missing and a new villain (Rufus Sewell) appears on the scene, forcing Alejandro to don the mask of Zorro once more.

The trailer for the sequel suggests more of the same action and adventure that made the original so enjoyable, with Zorro and family leaping from buildings, sword-fighting and even tackling some baddies on a train.

There is a kid, of course, but early word suggests he is a welcome addition - and not too annoying!

For Banderas, returning to the role of Zorro proved quite physically demanding and he told Entertainment Weekly that his trailer resembled 'a pharmacy' in preparation for all the cuts, scrapes, aches and pains he received while fencing, horseback riding and being suspended in a crane for 40 minutes over the ground.

"I had every type of cream you could possibly imagine," he joked.

Zeta-Jones also gets to participate in more of the action, having had her role beefed up by co-writer, Roberto Orci.

The Legend of Zorro swashbuckles its way onto cinema screens on October 31 and we can't wait.

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