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The Lizzie McGuire Movie (U)

Review by: Katherine Kaminsky | Rating: One

YOU don't have to know a thing about 'Lizzie McGuire', the television series, to see this film.

It's about Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff), a 15-year-old girl who suffers from being accident-prone.

She has a cartoon caricature, which appears from time to time in the corner of the screen to comment on her blunders. Cartoon Lizzie represents her rather cynical inner voice.

She also has a little brother, Matt (Jake Thomas), who revels in her most embarrassing moments.

The film centres around a school trip to Rome, where Lizzie is mistaken for Italian pop star, Isabella. Isabella and Paolo (Yani Gellman) were the hottest duo in Italy until Isabella walked out.

When Paolo, by chance, sees Lizzie he devises a plan.

Having been booked to perform at an important award ceremony, Paolo tries to convince Lizzie to pretend to be Isabella.

He whisks her around Rome on the back of his Vespa and Lizzie, beginning to fall for him, agrees to go along with the deception.

There then follows a Cinderella-like scenario as a top Italian designer, also mistaking Lizzie for Isabella, dresses her, while she is pampered by hairdressers and beauticians.

She fakes being ill to the teacher and pretends to be bedridden. Meanwhile, Gordo (Adam Lamberg), her best friend at school and secret admirer, covers for her so she can practice the dance routine with Paolo and learn the song.

Before too long, little brother, Matt, discovers what she's up to and, with Mom and Dad, flies to Rome to get to the bottom of it.

If things seem too good to be true for Lizzie, then they probably are, but at least she'll find out who her real friends are.

This isn't a bad way to spend an afternoon with the kids, although the film is more a vehicle for Hilary Duff's music career (she has an album coming out). It would appeal to young girls in the audience who see themselves as Lizzie.

Lacking the irony of other children's films that make them enjoyable for accompanying adults, and being too young to fall in a brat pack genre, personally, I would recommend a visit to an Imax cinema and let them watch Lizzie McGuire on TV.

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