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Lost in Translation - Ross Katz Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q: Ross, on the idea of showing it for the first time, perhaps can you tell us what it was like for you to sit with a paying audience for the first time?
I’m interested in the whole process and I’m not interested in making a film that will, quote ‘test well’, because the audiences are culled and they’re looking for a certain thing, and the analysis is mathematical, and it’s difficult to go through and tick off these boxes.
So for us to get feedback, we had friends and people we’re close to view the film. And we went on opening night, in New York, and stood at the back of the theatre for the audience reaction, and it was awesome.

Q: Most of us take our knowledge of Japanese from Shogun. How about you?
I’m fluent in Japanese…no, I can get in and out of a taxi and have certain phrases and words, but that’s about it. But it was an amazing experience for me, I loved Japan and Tokyo.
It’s complicated, it’s overwhelming, it’s like this big congregation - beautiful and spiritual - and
also there's this big pop culture explosion. It’s a really interesting place and to truly be a minority in every way, to not speak the language and all of that, was amazing.

Q: Where do you think Scarlett will be in five or ten years time?
When we started this film, she had a great career already. I had been a huge fan of this film that she had done when she was 10-years-old, and she’s made a lot of movies since then, with people like Robert Redford.
Now, of course, I’m happy we’re seeing her at this press conference because it going to be difficult to get to see her because she’s working so much.
Sofia Coppola: I second that. I took notice from when she was a little kid and she’s always made lots of interesting choices so far, and I’m sure she’ll continue doing interesting movies, with good taste, that are unique.
RK: I think that there are a lot of scripts for young actors, and I see a lot of them go where the big ones are, and do these huge studio movies, but Scarlett’s pretty discerning in terms of her taste, and takes risky, or interesting, or challenging material, and I think that says a lot, and will pay off.
Scarlett Johansson: Thanks Ross!

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