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The Matrix Revolutions - Carrie-Anne Moss Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q: Congratulations on a fabulous performance. Your character's sense of conviction reaches new heights in this film. Can you talk a little bit about how she's evolved?
Thanks. Her conviction in the man that she loves intensifies and she ends up standing up for it completely.

Q: How has that relationship, the love between Neo and Trinity, evolved?
I think in the second film it really starts to evolve in a big way and in the third it evolves to the deepest place that it can. Their partnership is complete. I love the relationship between the two of them. I don't really remember seeing such a relationship in an action film where they are that close with one another. It's so real.

Q: A lot of screen time is given to the characters and their relationships. In addition to all of that, you have a lot of amazing fight sequences and action sequences. Can you describe the Hell's Club scene where we see you do some really nifty moves?
That was fun to shoot. It reminded me a lot of the government lobby in the first Matrix film. I think it turned out really well. Beautiful, scary and visually, very interesting.

Q: What kind of special preparation and training did you have to undergo?
We trained like we did for the first one. We trained for a month and shot the second and third films together. I didn't have any kind of special preparation but the difference was I shot for twice as long. Usually you only shoot for three or four months. On this one, it was 8-12 months.

Q: So here we are at the last film in the Matrix trilogy. What are your feelings at this point?
I really want to celebrate. It has been such a great ride and I think people are really going to love it.

Q: How gratifying was it for you as an actress to have such a strong female character who grows so much throughout both of these last two films?
I feel very lucky to play her and to be involved in this wonderful love story that has evolved. I get to play the whole spectrum of her - I've completed her and it feels great.

Q: What's next in your career? You've done many different types of films before and after the Matrix...
As a new mother, that is what I am concentrating on now.

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