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Miami Vice: The Movie - Foxx up for Tubbs

Story by: Jack Foley

GIVEN the success of the recent spate of movies derived from television series, it is little wonder that Miami Vice may finally see the light of day.

Far from being a spoofy/parody in the Starsky and Hutch/Charlie's Angels mode, however, the big screen version of Crockett and Tubbs could well be quite a heavyweight version.

Jamie Foxx has emerged as the lead contender to play Ricardo Tubbs (portrayed by Philip Michael Thomas in the series), while Colin Farrell is the new favourite to step into Don Johnson's sockless shoes, as Sonny Crockett.

What's more, the film could be directed by Michael Mann, who served as executive producer on the original series.

Miami Vice was one of the most popular television shows of the 80s, thanks to its designer cops, excellent soundtrack, and stylized violence.

It centred around Miami-based duo, Crockett and Tubbs, as they sought to tackle drug-dealers, pimps and anyone else who got in their way.

The programme was notoable for attracting some pretty heavyweight special guests from the worlds of music and film, including a young Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson, Leonard Cohen, Laurence Fishburne, Frank Zappa, Ian McShane and Bill Paxton (to name but a few).

It also turned Don Johnson into one of the hottest stars of the moment, famous for his sleeveless tops and designer stubble.

Confirming that plans for the movie had moved forward, Jamie Foxx (who recently teamed up with Michael Mann for Collateral), is quoted as saying that 'it's happening'.

Although he wouldn't be drawn too much on just how involved Mann would be, except to say he was seriously considering it.

With Mann at the helm, though, audiences can expect a far more serious approach to the makeover - much like the early episodes of the series, which was critically acclaimed for its no-nonsense approach.

But one can surely only be rubbing their hands at the prospect of seeing Foxx and Farrell cruising down the Miami Strip in a slick back Ferrari (or the white Testarossa used in latter episodes).

Our fingers are well and truly crossed on this one...

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