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Only Human (15)

Review by: Jack Foley | Rating: Two

HAVING already met the Fockers and played Guess Who with Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac in cinemas this year, audiences are now faced with the prospect of spending time with the Dalinskys, a dysfunctional Jewish family who are about to have a Palestinian thrown into their midst.

The ensuing Spanish farce is a frequently amusing affair that succeeds because of the believability of its characters.

The film kicks off as Leni (Marián Aguilera) arrives home to introduce her fiancé, Rafi (Guillermo Toledo), to her Jewish family for the first time at their apartment in Madrid.

Waiting to receive them is her uptight mother, Gloria (Norma Aleandro), promiscuous sister, Tania (Maria Botto), recently orthodox brother, David, and her blind grandfather, Dudu.

Yet despite getting off to a good start, things take a turn for the worse when Leni reveals that Rafi is Palestinian, prompting all manner of religious feuding.

While Leni tries to console her mother, however, Rafi compounds the situation by accidentally dropping a container of frozen soup out of the kitchen window - only to find that the passer-by it hits and possibly kills could be none other than Leni's father.

Written and directed by the husband-and-wife team of Teresa de Pelegri and Dominic Harari, Only Human provides a suitably engaging alternative take on the well-trodden 'meet the parents' scenario.

It's much funnier than Meet The Fockers and frequently contains some wry observations about the difficulties of cross-cultural relationships.

Both Aguilera and Toledo make an engaging romantic couple, while Botto also excels as the deeply provocative sister.

It's just a shame that the film struggles to maintain its momentum into its ludicrious final third, when events spiral out of control completely, losing all grip on reality and failing to resolve certain story arcs.

Up until that point, however, Only Human succeeds in engaging the intellect as well as provoking much laughter, while delivering an engaging set of characters that are well worth spending time with.

(In Spanish, with subtitles)
Running time: 89mins

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