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The Phantom of the Opera - Emmy Rossum Q&A

Compiled by: Lizzie Guilfoyle

Q. You're still so very young Emmy, but I would imagine that when you look at what you've been given here, it really was the opportunity of a lifetime given your background in music?
A. Absolutely. I mean, I did have classical training virtually from when I was singing at the Met' when I was little but I never thought I'd get the part.
It was such a big movie and a big production and it was so courageous of Joel to give me this part.... because I was so young.
I was 16 when I auditioned and the character has a lot of emotional things that went with it. It was a great big responsibility for my young shoulders.
I remember on the last day, I went up to Joel and when you sit back for the last time, I just said, 'thank you so much for this part'.

Q. Can you tell us when you first saw the stage version and if in an ideal world you could play any other musical role in any other musical, what would it be?
A: Never. I think that was actually good because I came to the character totally fresh. As for who I'd like to play? Mary Poppins.

Q. Emmy, with your musical background, what would be your dream career? As an actress or as a singer?
Um, both I think. I mean, as an actress I want to keep working, I want to keep learning and working with the great people that I get to work with all the time, and I also really like the freedom of expression within music, because you're not playing a character, you're really expressing who you are when you sing your own music. But in terms of career, I really admire Nicole Kidman because she's just incredibly talented as an actress, and beautiful, and I think she has a great diversity within her career - she can do really small movies that she really believes in and labours of love, and then such big Hollywood movies. And I think that's why I make movies, because I want people to go out and have a really good time and escape for two hours.

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