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Red Mercury - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

AN EMOTIVE film about British Muslim bombers in London will be shown at the Montreal World Film Festival, it has been confirmed.

Red Mercury, directed by Roy Battersby, follows the fortunes of three British-born Muslim fanatics who hold a restaurant to siege with a bomb.

It will receive its world premiere at the film festival on August 27 (2005) and is sure to be controversial in the wake of the real-life terror attacks on London, which left 56 people dead.

The film was written by Farrukh Dhondy and seeks to examine why young second-generation Muslim men might be driven committing acts of extremism.

The three men at the centre of the film are prepared to die for their cause and becomes involved in a tense battle of wills between themselves, their hostages and MI5 negotiators.


The film stars Pete Postlewaite, Ron Silver, Juliet Stevenson, Stockard Channing and Navin Chowdhry.

It is scheduled for a release in UK cinemas later this year.

Montreal has decided to go ahead with the screening in spite of recent events and even though another film about two suicide bombers was pulled from the Cambridge Film Festival because of the July 7 attacks.

But the film's distributor, Inspired Movies, is full of praise for the film and the sensitive way in which it deals with its subject matter.

Its website states: Like Dog Day Afternoon, Red Mercury explores the shifting dynamics of the relationship between the three young Muslims, as well as those between the restaurant customers - who include Stockard Channing and Ron Silver from hit TV series, The West Wing - and between the terrorists and the diners.

"The film follows the relationships that form between the three boys and their hostages, as well the intelligence operation taking place outside."

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